Amazing imagery of Mark Mawson

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Dancers, old men, sea creatures and even Jimi Hendrix setting fire to his guitar are among the things people say they saw.

Amazing imagery of Mark Mawson

We all know how easily photographs can be doctored, but now and again artists manage to come up with new ideas that seem worthy of investigation, and could involve such manipulation, but artist/photographer Mark Mawson, English born, would never go down that road. Having created a series of pictures entitled ‘Aqueous’, which are truly stunning, he insists that they came about through split-second timing only, and these images are truly stunning.
Interested in photography from an early age, so much so that he was holding a camera from the age of 8, Mark always knew where his future lay. Desperately keen to break into the world of Fleet Street, he attended Richmond College in Sheffield, studying photojournalism after leaving school. Of course he ended up working in London for newspapers such as The Times, The Daily Mail and The Sunday Times until 1995.
It was in those mid 90’s that Mark’s, leanings toward art came to the fore, and wanting more creative freedom and direction over that which passed beforehis camera lens, he elected to strike out on his own. Now with much more freedom to cater to the needs of magazines and advertising agencies, his celebrity portraiture soon insured that his name was well known and respected.
Since 2001, when he moved to Sydney, Australia, his main specialities have involved photographing people and fashion underwater, and he has exhibited both at the Royal College of Art in London and The Blender Gallery in Sydney. The images in this article are all from his Aqueous series, and though they might seem other worldly, they are in fact his new art form, created by slowly dripping paint into water.
This new approach to the use of paint, instead of brushing it onto canvas, creates an intriguing and quite compelling new experience. 41-year-old Mark, originally from London, has been a photographer for over 22 years but only in recent times has he come up with this eye-catching method for creating such random yet stunning and beautiful abstract forms. Different kinds of paint are dropped into the water tank before he starts to capture the vital moments with his camera, using strobe lighting to illuminate each weird and wonderful form.
Using paints of differing densities creates various, unexpected, stunning effects, and Mark is in awe of the images he creates. He had seen lots of ink-in-water shots and wanted to try something with more body that could produce more organic forms. People actually see different things and interpret them individually Dancers, old men, sea creatures and even Jimi Hendrix setting fire to his guitar are among the things people say they saw.
Of course, the beauty of this art form is how completely individual each image is., Mark needs to be unbelievably fast in his reaction times when operating the camera shutter, because the shapes last milliseconds only. So ephemeral are they that the only record there can ever be of their existence are the utterly amazing pictures that Mark Mawson has learned how to capture so spectacularly.
Currently on display in Sydney, Australia, Mark’s works are up for sale, though he has no set prices in mind. It seems likely that, as people discover these fantastic images they will be happy to pay good prices for them, simply because each one is a never to be repeated one-off, evocative and fascinating in ways that no other image can ever be. Wondrous artistry, and superbly sumptuous, photographic brilliance. What more could one ask?


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Truly amazing, Tony. Thank you.

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