Anniversary of Colt Handgun Patent

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Colt had started on the path to becoming one of the most prosperous weapons makers in the world, by 1851 becoming the first American to open an English plant, advancing his reputation globally

Anniversary of Colt Handgun Patent

It was on February 25th, 1836 - 178 years ago - that the arms world changed forever, when Samuel Colt received US patent number 9430X for his iconic Colt revolver, which was to spark, over time, a weapons revolution.

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Born July 19, 1814 Colt was the US inventor/industrialist, today best remembered for the creation of one of the 6-barrelled pistol he dubbed the revolver. This weapon would become the most popular gun design in history, leading to the foundation of Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company.

Colt made the use of inter-changeable parts for weapons so common that he had to set up assembly lines, his simple gun designs making him an extremely wealthy and influential industrialist as time went by. Many historians regard his contribution to military arms pivotal in global expansion of America influence.

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Colt began working in the Massachusetts textile plant owned by his father at age 15, from the start putting his inventive mind to work, creating a homemade galvanic cell with which gunpowder charges were tested. Sent to learn a sea trade on a merchant ship in 1832, Colt conceived the first designs of the rotating gun barrel he had envisioned.

On his first ship voyage, noticing ship's wheel movements proved inspirational in coming up with a similar rotating concept for loading bullets. Having got this idea, Colt at once set to designing the basic gun shape, making a wooden model of a revolver before returning home.

Back in Massachusetts, his designs left his father unimpressed, though , which unfortunately were very poorly made, to the extent that one exploded upon firing, other one refusing to fire at all. Just the same, Colt applied, aged 18, for a patent on his revolver..

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He visited the UK in 1835, and despite English reluctance to issue a patent, as no fault could be found with the design or operation, patent number 6909 was indeed issued to him. Having obtaining his US patent, an uncle for a manufacturing business offered Coly financial support, enabling him to set up shop in 1837 in Paterson, New Jersey, where he established Patent Arms Manufacturing.

Though the Colt revolver was unsuccessful to start with, so much so that the factory closed again in 1842, by 1848 the business was up and running again,a rented facility in Hartford the new venue. Within a few years, Colt had started on the path to becoming one of the most prosperous weapons makers in the world, by 1851 becoming the first American to open an English plant, advancing his reputation globally. Within a decade of that Colt had become one the wealthiest businessmen in America, renowned for intricate, exquisite design and craftsmanship along with advanced firearms performance.

This giant of US history had little time, however, to enjoy his success, dying tragically young on January 19, 1862, aged only 47 years, though his company continues to thrive to the present day, as successful as ever it was.


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