Creationist dogma Abhorrent

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The day someone can introduce me to the being - whatever it might be - that can perform the miraculous things attributable to any godhead before my disbelieving eyes, then I will eat my words.

Creationist dogma Abhorrent

Thank god that Richard Dawkins and Sir David Attenborough have added their weighty voices to demands for a re-think by the UK government on the teaching of creationism alongside science in schools. They claimed, and possibly quite rightly, that religious fundamentalists wish to portray it as scientific theory in the classroom, when it clearly is anything but.

30 scientists. including many notable names, have signed a statement condemning the teaching of creationism and intelligent design at any level, and their being appalled that both the Truth in Science and Creation Ministries International organizations are currently being permitted to tour UK schools presenting their creationist views as science fact, and encouraging the incorporation of intelligent design into the science teaching they perform.
The website, Evolution not Creationism is one aimed, quite properly in the opinion of many, at keeping creationism and intelligent design out of classrooms seeking to reinforce evolutionary teaching instead, a subject not compulsory in primary schools, though many teachers\ do broach the subject with the pupils. many already introduce some aspects in classes.
The education secretary has very clearly voiced his and the governments opposition to the teaching of\ creationism as scientific fact, and does not plan to allow it any school as an alternative to accepted scientific theories, fully expecting that evolution and its foundation topics be fully included in any school science curriculum, something Richard Dawkins believes should begin at five years old.
Whilst no definitive numbers are available for UK schools teaching creationism, each one is meant to teach a broad and balanced curriculum, and creationism teachng ought to be monitored, because there is a fear that some continue tofavour creationist ideas over established scientific fact, due to an OpinionPanel 2006 survey which found that one fifth of students questioned claimed to have taught creationism as fact in their schools,
A 2009 Ipsos/Mori poll on Uk adults found that over 50% - far more than in fundementalist America - thought that creationism should be taught aside by side with science in school, despite there being such obvious differences. It is truly terrifying to think that, in this age of instant global communication and instant access to information and fact, such large numbers of people still have difficulty accepting Darwin and the actual story of how humanity came to exist.
The planet earth is over 4.5billion years old, which we know as fact, yet we also know for certain that humanity has existed for the tiniest fraction of the history of earth, something that surely can only be true if the natural order that is evolution had allowed our species to develop - from single-celled creatures - over many, many millions of years?
God always was figment of the fevered imagination that has beset humanity since the very beginning, a testament to the fecundity and inventiveness of our superb brains. We simply hate to believe that we, with all our faults, are top of the evolutionary ladder, so we conjure up, from thin air, a superhero that we call god. To all those people out there\ who buy into such nonsense i say this.
The day someone can introduce me to the being - whatever it might be - that can perform the miraculous things attributable to any godhead before my disbelieving eyes, then I will eat my words. I know this to be as likely as our actually ever meeting intelligent extra-terrestrial life in my life-time, because like the unfathomably vast and unconquerable distance between stars, the gulf between me and religious blief is far too big ever to be crossed.


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I agree with you, Tony.

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