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Many diseases can affect our pet's ability to live a quality life and remain active.

The dog health is a well studied area in veterinary medicine

I have recently read that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. The chemical theobromine in chocolate is very toxic to dogs, and there is no antidote. Keep chocolate out of reach!

Two friends of mine live in the Unites States. They are contemplating purchasing a golden retriever puppy.
They say that it is necessary to have the following certifications: OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for hips and CERF(Canine Eye Registry Foundation)for eyes. Both certifications are very important, especially for a healthy pet!

It is suggested that we should not leave our dog in our car at the shopping center because it could panic and damage our car, it could get heatstroke, and it could be stolen. Dogs have much less capacity to cool themselves than humans, so they overheat easily. Many dogs die in hot cars every year.

Is it true that spaying has important health and behavioral benefits for female dogs? Yes, it is true. Spaying protects a female from mammary and ovarian cancer.

Is is true that neutering has important health and behavioral benefits for male dogs? Yes, it is true. Neutering protects males from testicular and prostate cancer and makes them less inclined to fight.

Many dogs are overweight. If we place our hands over our dog's ribcage we should be able to feel his ribs easily. If not, our dog is probably overweight.

There are many plants that have been reported as having systemic effects on animals and/or intense effects on the gastrointestinal tract.


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