Dr REV Paintings in Blood

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Some artists make sacrifices in pursuit of their of their artistic goals, surely none could give more to his art than the Australian Tatooist who uses his own blood as his painting medium?

Dr REV Paintings in Blood

Artistic licence is a broad-brush term that attempts to cover the huge multitude of ways in which those who call themselves artists choose to present their own form of ‘art’, and has covered the use of everything from animal dung to rotting food as media for such artworks. It is a passport, if you will, to real freedom of expression in art, but where some artists make sacrifices in pursuit of their of their artistic goals, surely none could give more to his art than the Australian Tatooist who uses his own blood as his painting medium?
Rev Mayers is the artist in question, a man bringing a whole new meaning to the significance of blood throughout our lives. With Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as a website, all dedicated to ‘Bloodpainter’, Rev’s artistic alter-ego, the whole world is being subjected to images possibly never dreamed up before. Calling himself ‘Dr. Rev’ Mayers creates truly astounding art by painting entirely with his own blood, producing dramatic, disturbing and sometimes slightly grotesque imagery.
This extraordinary man is at heart a talented tattoo artist, which perhaps comes across in the style of both structure and presentation of his painting. Developing his art, over many years, has involved using various techniques, such as scraping, smudging and layering, airbrushing, and standard paint brushing, Mayers has seen his blood paintings evolving, reaching ever higher levels, and being globally well thought of..
Dr Rev seeks to change our perceptions about blood, through his artworks. People tend to view blood about negatively, because the sight of it normally spells real trouble for one creature or another, but the artist sees blood as being very much life affirming, a view he wants his audiences to accept also. IIlusory and realistic imagery, Mayers believes, helps, to underline his message of blood representing not just the concepts of decay, emotion, evolution and human conflict, but also the natural wonder and beauty of beauty environmental forces.
People refer to his artistic productions as ‘BloodArt’, images representing life and death, birth and nature, and much more. Art created through the use of his own life-giving blood has a resonance, the echoes of which have ensured a world-wide reputation for this amazing man, so much so that his work resides in homes around the world, where collectors concerned do not fear to possess the unusual and daring art he produces
Dr. Rev describes himself as having a perpetual itch that needs scratching, when it comes to artistic matters, feeling a constant need to be creating something. His creations are thought-provoking by virtue of the shocking, sensual and evocative nature of the content, awesome images that somehow stay with you, as if the artist’s blood had leeched from the canvas, magically transfused into your own.
‘Bloodart’ should indeed be treasured by any that own it, because each image portrayed can loudly proclaim instances of life, death, hope, salvation, beauty and despair, a cacophony of meaning wrapped up cleverly within the pictures, achingly superb glimpses of a fevered imagination, things that can be real or imaginary, without detracting from their glory.
Mayers, Dr. Rev, is certainly one of those who dare to push hard at conventional boundaries, demonstrating time after time that art has limitations only as bounded by the imaginations of artists. Bloodart is no doubt relatively new on the art scene, ‘Bloodpainter’ perhaps a pioneering spirit, but others will almost certainly follow. Irreverent, incandescent, unforgettable art. What more could one ask?


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