Nose Rings to Fit Your Lifestyle

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Clear nose studs serve their purpose but most people enjoy a little variety in their workday wardrobe for earrings as well as nose rings.

Nose Rings to Fit Your

There are plenty of cool nose rings on the market and you should take a little time to explore them all to find some that really suit your style. The beauty of nose rings is that you can change them (once the initial healing process has taken place) to suit your mood or any specific occasion.

This means that you can go with Indian nose jewelry and look for exotic nose rings if that fits your mood for the evening. If you'd like something a little more menacing a bone nose ring might fit the occasion. For something a little more formal when nose stud jewelry or piercings would stand out there's always the choice of clear nose rings to get you through the night.

People from all walks of life are beginning to jump onto the nose ring bandwagon. This means that nose piercings are finally beginning to gain wider acceptance among a more "main stream" crowd. More businesses are beginning to accept nose rings, with some degree of discretion rather than requiring all employees to go with flesh colored nose rings or clear nose rings while "on the clock." Clear nose studs serve their purpose but most people enjoy a little variety in their workday wardrobe for earrings as well as nose rings.

So how do you choose nose rings that are going to fit in with your work lifestyle and your play lifestyle? Keep in mind that some jobs and recreational activities pose a bit of a threat to some types of nose piercings and rings as well.

If discretion is necessary for wearing nose rings to work then you'd do well to find a nice selection of white gold nose studs, gold nose rings, diamond nose studs, and inconspicuous hoop nose rings. These small studs are very discrete and work with many different types of wardrobe choices for a fairly wide range of versatility.

If you lead a fairly active lifestyle or have a job that requires a fair amount of activity, nose screws and studs and screws are still likely to be the better choice for you.

Nose ring jewelry that sticks out like corkscrew nose rings or straight nose rings can be problematic in certain jobs and even in certain social settings. If you're concerned with fitting in then you'll want to change for something a little less "visible" in certain situations. As far as activities are concerned some nose rings can present a danger for ripping, tearing, or stretching the skin around your nose as well as an increase in the risk for infection so keep this in mind when choosing your nose rings and all should be well.


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19th Apr 2012 (#)

Nose rings are attires for women in our country, in some places it carries some signs and symbols too, like married women must wear it and so on.

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