Truly Disgusting Tonics

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No matter how adventurous we feel ourselves to be, it must surely be madness to encourage the production of these evil brews, and hence the slaughter of innocent animals, by ordering the stuff online.

Truly Disgusting Tonics

If you are into health drinks and tonics, perhaps you might have second thoughts about them when you find out what far eastern villagers like to make such drinks with. As hard as it may be for us in the west to swallow, a traditional Chinese health drink is baby mice wine, created by drowning live animals in rice wine, before allowing it to ferment for a year in a bottle. Said to cure asthma and liver disease, this unbelievable ‘tonic’ is quite popular.
Yet again, in China, we have another example of possibly endangered animals being made more so, for supposedly medicinal reasons. All lizards, but most especially geckos have tremendous qi, or life-force , so plenty of geckos packed into a bottle, before the rice wine is added, will ‘ensure’ that getting high on this brew will give you lots of punch, besides keeping evil spirits at bay.
As disgusting as these two horrid brews might seem, they are tame compared to the ‘health drinks’ conjured up in some Vietnam villages. With a total, and dangerous disregard for the future of some wildlife species, some people there produce wine containing snakes, and or Scorpions, which can be ordered online, and can be sent out worldwide. Since these unfortunate creatures are used complete, the venom goes into the bottles with them
Fortunately for the consumer, the fermentation of the drink, and the alcohol contained within it, have the effect of nullifying the poisons, so that the year spent in development renders the enclosed beasties harmless. Even so, unless you enjoy taking chances, it seems unlikely that people here would be prepared to try it/
Cobra is the preferred snake for use in to making the snake wine, the poison being nullified by the alcoholic content of the drink, which is also true for the venom of the scorpions used, these protein-based compounds being broken up by the ethanol contained within the rice-wine. Oddly enough, this wine is believed to be medicinally beneficial, with several health benefits.

Known by locals for many years, as a natural medicine, these wines are used to treat problems like rheumatism, lumbago and back pain, as well as other ailments. It is also conjectured that these rice-based liquors have strong, natural aphrodisiac qualities, and snake wine is reputed to be ‘the most manly drink ever made’, and an aid to male virility.
The problem is, for the environmentally conscious among us. Is that there are said to be at least one hundred varieties of these so-called 'medicine wines' on sale in Vietnam alone, every one containing the remains of some poor creature, undoubtedly numbering amongst which will be some endangered species.
No matter how adventurous we feel ourselves to be, it must surely be madness to encourage the production of these evil brews, and hence the slaughter of innocent animals, by ordering the stuff online. There are many strange, weird and awful customs around the globe, but this has to rank among the most obnoxious. Celebrating the senseless killing of so much natural beauty by drinking the stuff it was drowned in just seems totally gross.


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23rd Apr 2012 (#)

revolting...TG I only drink water or wine...or martinis!! these fancy schmancy stuffs are not for me...thank you Tony

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