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Basics of the digital camera are important. So, i will start giving tips from basic shooting modes

camera basics

There is a popular" misconception" that photographer need not learn about basics while using advanced digital camera, The camera cannot decide what type of photo we want.
To take good photograph, learning basics is a must.
If you are a serious photographer, then the first step is to buy a camera having manual mode setting.
The photo illustrates different shooting modes like P,A,S, and M

shutter priority mode

1] S mode : it is shutter priority mode. shutter opening and closing time can be controlled in this mode.
*camera will control aperture, to give correct exposure
*Normally from a maximum of 8 sec to 1/2000 sec can be varied in steps.
* long exposures( > 1/30 sec) are used only when the camera is on a tripod stand, else there will be camera shake because of our hand vibration.
*normal exposures (1/60 to 1/250 sec) are used for all out door shootings on a bright sunny day
* high speeds (< 1/250 sec to 1/2000 sec) are used for sports, etc.

aperture priority mode

2] A mode: it is aperture priority mode. The opening of the aperture can be controlled in this mode.
* the figure shows different openings of the aperture.
* these are measured as "f stops" or "f numbers"
* f no = aperture diameter/ focal length
* more opening means less F number! (see figure)
* aperture is varied to control the light and depth of field( which i teach later)
*camera will control shutter, to give correct exposure

program mode

p mode is program mode:
* the camera selects the best shutter and aperture depending on the light and other conditions
* we can program this and store this in some cameras
*it is mainly for taking many different photos under similar conditions
* correct exposure = area of opening X time of exposure

manual mode

M mode is manual mode:
*creativity starts here
* we have full control over shutter as well as aperture in this mode
* for all other modes, exposure will be correct, but in this mode we can make a bright day as a dim lit day etc.
* these modifications are to give special effects


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