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The concept of fairness as a beauty adjunct is ingrained in Tamil psyche
Bharathanatyam is the music in visual form, a ritual, and an act of devotion. This is an ancient dance form which cannot be effectively danced by anyone without devotion for spiritual life and technique.
Good luck charms can be found anywhere in the world but in Japan, none is as popular or as good as the Maneki neko.
One of the Reasons Africa is Undeveloped, it's due to lack of Information.
Once in a while, after reading one negative news story after another, the tendency could be to become depressed. That's why it's helpful to be reminded occasionally of all the good that's going on in the world.
The word jurisdiction is derived from the Latin language, where Juris means 'law'. In real terms it means the practical authority to a court to try an offender under the laws of the land. Section 71 of the Air Force Act 1950 and corresponding section of the Army act lays down the pr...
Murder is the intentional killing of a human being. How can we prove a person has been killed without a dead body?
Ancient words have survived the ages preserved on the pages, to remain locked in time and lived when read. It's a true treasure to behold.
The Yeshwant Club is a important club in Central India. It was started by the Holkars and I am a member.
Hinduism is a very old religion, but it advocates a veg diet and a system of exercise that has come down from the time of the Mahabharta or earlier
Japan followed a policy of isolation that has led to development of unique and distinct art and Drama. Japanese art is closely linked to nature and their theater draws inspiration from their past. Japanese theater in particular has 3 distinct forms that are alive even today. Japanese ...
Sappho was a Greek poet who wrote passionate poetry and lived on the island of Lesbos. The word Lesbian is derived from this island where Sappho lived
You will learn realistic ideas to help reform bullies.
It takes many things and ways to build this life. Accepting help and guidance along the way may help to live secure and make love glow.
I am putting this on a page as I think it is very important information that DEEPA VENKITESH shared on Facebook... Many people will not believe it for it is an Eastern belief and so many Westerners are stuck in their own narrow be it..but I have learned of this from othe...
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