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The early Greeks called their country `Hellas'. The Greek were the outcome of the fusion of Indo European tribes. About the eighth century BC they were divided into three groups, the Dorians, the Aeolians and the Ionians.
I've met people from all over the country and lived many places myself. I’ve discovered that most folks aren't from where they live now but are natives from elsewhere. When that home state is New Jersey, you know it in a New York minute. Here are ten easy ways to nail a New Jersey n...
Parties need serious preparation on budgeting, invitation, music and catering which is common for any events, whether wedding, proms, Christmas, corporate, or school parties.
people study in a nation, get higher studies and get top ranks and go to other nations for Job. Are we just sitting there to educate you? we want you to be a literate ,young force who can inspire others but Alas, every developing country faces this...Brain Drain.
This is just one of the amazing shows that entertainment aficionados will find. Magicians serve much purpose – for entertainment and passion. They perform tricks for livelihood or simply they just like to delve in the mystery of magic.
From visual arts, literature to food, Asia is known for the interesting aspects of Asian cultures. And among these aspects, Asian cuisine greatly plays a significant role in the development of many countries around the globe. One of the most popular and favorite meals in the United St...
Two important countries in Europe like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands still have monarchies. Both are constitutional monarchies yet they are an institution by themselves. However both monarchies have subtle differences that distinguish them from each other
A short history of the West Indies Federation which lasted for only four years
Many people like to plan ahead the books they intend to read. Here are some tips on how to create an interesting and varied reading list.
Understanding how to Maintain and feed a Kakiscracy; Government by the very worst People
A short article exploring why young men prefer the services of a mature escort
The topic of religion – specifically, here in the US, Christianity – is a complicated one. Even within the religion there are thousands of modes of thought and different beliefs. It's rare to find any one denomination wherein all of the members agree, even. But there are common...
A large number of highest Temple towers dot the skyline of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The Tamils had been the most skilled Temple builders. These Temples are landmarks of the celebrated heritage of the Tamil speaking people.
The concept of fairness as a beauty adjunct is ingrained in Tamil psyche
Bharathanatyam is the music in visual form, a ritual, and an act of devotion. This is an ancient dance form which cannot be effectively danced by anyone without devotion for spiritual life and technique.
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