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Everyone loves Labor Day, yet few know why and how it came into being, and who actually was responsible for this national holiday
This article will take a look at how musical parody and satire can help us understand concepts like “Zombie Banks.”
Another chapter from the book The New Order of Shama'an, this article discusses the perceived idea that man is the superior species on the planet.
There are no canals on Mars and there never were. However, for a time during the late 19th and early 20th centuries this belief was widely held, due to false interpretations of what was being seen through telescopes and an unfortunate mistranslation.
Why life expectancy in the US is on the decline. How we grow and consume our food is of vital importance in increasing ones life span.
This article is about surrendering. The only true form of surrender is spiritual surrendering. A number of other types of surrender are looked at here, but in the end all of these always remain a part of the greater plan of God's. They were never mankind's plans alone.
Long gone are the times when Catholics went to Mass with an attitude of respect for God's house, not to mention the clergy and their fellow worshipers. Today they may as well be at a party. To complain about such goings-on is considered being judgmental, but the situation needs to b...
The ancient kingdom of Macedonia lay in the northeast part of Greece. In Classical times, most Greeks regarded it as a culturally and politically backward place, inhabited by people who were little better than barbarians. They would scarcely have believed it would be possible that, in...
Most of us will now have a smartphone of some kind, or maybe an iphone. Knowing what can be done to turn the phone into a really useful tool is important. These phones are expensive to run! Here are some suggestions for apps that will help you turn your phone into a really useful gadg...
We have been led to believe that a grain of sand in an oyster is what makes a pearl. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that simply is not true. It is a myth. Pearl lore and marketing perpetuate that fantasy. Having said that, I want to clarify that nature can and does make pearls from...
When it Comes to Saving and Protecting Your Documents, Your Worst Enemy is Often YOU.
Key to a good garden is maintenance --weeding and watering and applying fertilizer. However, the vital aspects of a garden are flowers and lawns. Trees go with the house and determine the amount of shade or sun that your flowers will receive. Search for the right grass for your lawns ...
Cobra is a deadly snake.Just imagine its head severely damaged,dying but it was able to attack the person.Let us not trust a snake; it must not be left with its single breath,it must be totally dead before leaving the scene.
Welcome to Elk Falls, Kansas, known by all as the “World's Largest Living Ghost Town." You aren’t in Kansas anymore, at least not the one that you thought you were familiar with. This little slice of the state gives “Oz” and the Emerald City” a run for its money as far as ad...
Some people still haven't made the jump to DVR technology. This article will explain why you need one.
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