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The Battle of Plessey in 1757 is generally considered the battle that opened thr road to English rule in India. Robert Clive would not have won in case Mir Jafar the commander in Chif of the Nawab of Oudh had not betrayed him just before the battle.
Another one of the cookies I make that my sister adores and says she won't visit me on Christmas if I don't make these cookies! So as usual I make them each year
Karachi city of Pakistan is very famous for so many paranormal events and among them, the Karsaz Road Mystery leads on top and it hasn't reached conclusion
In 1914, Germany declared war on Russia. In this war, Russia was joined by their Entente allies Britain and France, but despite this the Russian army had a number of defeats on the eastern front. Among these included battles such as the Battle of Tannenburg and the Battle of the Masur...
Recently, both the government and the private sector have taken it upon themselves to contribute towards the movement to empower the women of India. This is being done by providing them with equal opportunities as men, one of the methods being employment training and skill development...
There shouldn't be a problem when having an exciting fireworks display during a celebration, provided we follow on these safety measures.
The Tower of Silence is the place where the Parsi ( followers of Zoroaster) leave their dead to be eaten by vultures. Now it is observed that there is a shortage of vultures and the community is alarmed.
It is the Christmas season and many of you will have a huge family dinner, with grandma and grandpa, uncles and aunts and lots of food and happy children. However, many children go without a Christmas dinner at this glorious time of the year.
Be it hooded-Cardigans, or sweatshirts, capes or robes, the 'hood' is gonna come out in god knows how many other styles affixed with tops alike to make sure they are the only coverings you use this winter to cover your head. Try out the sweater make, ponchos and even Kaftans all with ...
The art and design for jewelry are witnessing a transformation of sorts. Designers are seeking inspiration from nature and coming out with more organic concepts. In addition, handmade jewelry is becoming more popular as women seek unique pieces that they can wear every day.
This is an account of a fatal railway accident that happened in the English Midlands in January 1955.
This article will attempt to shed light on the meaning of Pluto's transits to planets and points in the horoscope of the United States during the past fifteen years - where it has brought us and where it is likely to take us.
Visitors visit popular Canadian city, Calgary, for different purposes like business meetings,
The Colorado Rockies are not only a spectacular site but they also attract thousands of skiers and snowboarders every winter. Therefore, Colorado possesses some of the best ski resorts in the world. The season for skiing in Western United States and the State of Colorado starts early ...
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