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This series of articles is a departure from the writs that comprise the bulk of our work on this site since February 2013. Not much of a departure, however, for, like telepathic communication from people of the starships (or UFO's), Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez has had her share...
All too often the the bio for an artist or band is overlooked or the "bio" has nothing to do with the artist but what the writer thinks the CD is all about. Here are a few tips on creating a useful and usable artist bio.
In Eastern countries it is not uncommon to see battle Queens, women who serve their country. However, the history of the West has been rather slow in catching up.
A few years ago, I would always be seeing the latest movie popular every month. There wasn’t a movie that I hadn’t seen, and I was the person to ask for the best recommendation of which motion picture to see next. Until one day, I decide the cost for a movie ticket was too expensi...
We have all heard of HUGO BOSS. Most of us probably can't afford it like me. But HUGO BOSS is being a leader and stop abusing animals.
Human civilization has been developing through intellectuals sowing seeds for improving quality of life of people. Important of such seeds are detailed here under each of which has contributed to make human life independent of Nature.
We all suffer from varying amounts of ignorance.Some people more than others.
everyone must celebrate a birthday with a cake as an important part of birthday celebrations. The need for this celebration to be different and more fun every year also contributed to this change. Sometimes budget to factor these changes. to keep it fun and without the need to spend m...
Although I experience visions and premonitions, I honestly thought that Ghosts were a made up fairy tale, until it happened to me.
Many atrocities were committed during the religious reforms during the 1500s. The execution of Anne Boleyn was just one example of an innocent victim who suffered the consequences during that time.
Just a quick three-card reading to provide a sort of "psychic weather forecast" for India as of July, 2015.
Einstein and others have concluded time is an illusion and that past, present and future all exist simultaneously. I think that gives us another perspective to lead our lives with a spring in our steps that we have lived to tell the tale! We will forever be part of the humongous creat...
A short guide to rose varieties, planting and taking care of roses...
Battle of Mudki was a ferocious battle where a leaderless Sikh army held the British at bay
There are basically two kinds of animal shelter, one is a "no-kill" the other is termed "open-admission". There are many reasons why some shelters euthanize pets and why others can remain as no-kill.
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