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During the 1930s, the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) tore previous naval treaties up with the Yamato-class battleship designs. In 1937, Plan No. A-140F6 was submitted, which was the final plan for the Yamato-class ships. Whilst there were naval treaties supposed to limit battleship size...
The American Civil War is often regarded as the culmination of Abraham Lincoln’s campaign to end slavery, but that is an over-simplification of his motives. His Emancipation Proclamation can be seen as having had an ulterior motive.
Autonomous Transactions in Oracle can be very helpful in error logging mecahnism. Let us see how..
We all have our own personal hopes and dreams, which we aim to achieve during our life time and by setting goals and sticking to them, we can make all our hopes and dreams a reality.
A few ideas for cutting costs for the holidays while filling that list.
The Wikipedia the free Internet Encyclopedia is widely used by people throughout the world mostly for references purposes and there are only few who have known it that Wikipedia can be used also by online writers, book publishers, merchants, advertisers and other online users to harve...
Some self-help books talk about balance points, and disruption of such balance points in our lives. Buddha told us to live from the middle path. The middle path though is not about reaching a balance point though. Every path is balanced for us, as long as we live from love. The mi...
Disposing unwanted animals such as dogs and cats is a controversial matter. Some in government believe that it is okay to kill them by gas poisoning, but animal lovers object that the method is harsh and inhuman. What's your say?
Have you ever had a feeling of flying, while asleep in your bed? As a child, this would happen frequently. Now, however, it would take an act of will to achieve astral projection.
Some thoughts on witches and witchcraft both traditional and modern.
Some people seem like they are inherently good at listening. Whether at work or in our personal lives, they always have the right things to say at the right time and the right way. More often than not, this is not by accident. Being caring and considerate is something one builds up on...
Happiness and sadness are two things that always come and go in our lives. How to manage our emotions so stable?
Reed plants have long been known as herbal plants, useful for medicinal purposes. Parts of plants used for the treatment, usually are roots, stems, and flowers.
Cites Benefits of Consuming Seasonal and Homegrown Produce
Aragonite is a beautiful rusty orange crystalline stone. It’s an absolute knockout in handcrafted jewelry designs, although aragonite might be better known among rock hounds than jewelry lovers. Its metaphysical effects – if you believe such things -- may have you wearing aragonit...
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