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Simple things you can change so housework does not over take your life.
I was up all night thinking how I could express this story without being gross, graphic, or using the words bird poop or worse. I have some serious advice about how to deal with an old problem. So, here it is, straight out: The top six tips for dealing with seagull droppings.
Third in a series, this life hacks article will show how to maximize space and simplify life with inexpensive hooks and rods. "Rods aren't just for curtains, hooks aren't just for fishing" was an alternate title choice. Please enjoy this article either way!
Just imagine what would happen if you decide to spend the weekend lazing around, without worrying about common household chores like vacuuming, laundry, and cleaning the house? Amazing isn’t it? If you think likewise, then you have landed on the right page.
Being able to breath clean, fresh air in our homes should be one of our priorities. Taking the right steps to do these starts in rethinking the way we clean our house. We can actively choose eco-friendly cleaning products or eco-friendly items when it comes to cleaning our rooms, gard...
Here are a few of the most important home maintenance tips to consider if you want your home to stay in great condition with as little time and money invested as possible.
Get rid of the bugs in your home without having to use bug sprays or call an exterminator.
Vinegar is one of the most versatile products created, and costs between $2 and $5 per gallon (depending on the brand or sale). Here are my top 5 favorite ways to utilize white vinegar to clean my kitchen, eliminate toxic chemicals, and pad my wallet.
A good house should have adequate supply of sunlight and fresh air. A good house must have walls and a good roof of suitable type suit the climate of the place.
Old or new any room in a home is enhanced with curtains whether it is to create drama, ambiance or privacy there is always a curtain design that will make a room more liveable and homely.
Make sure you find the type of service which is located in your area. Furthermore, make sure you fully know the terms and conditions. Using such cleaning services always benefits the house owner. It not saves time, but also provides the incentive for the owner to stay without any tens...
Have you seen Mary Poppins, do you remember the charming way in which Dick Van Dyke made sweeping the chimney seem such fun? There he is merrily singing and dancing his way across the rooftops of London. If only it was all that simple.
Many simple advices on how to make your washing machine last longer.
A personal experience of the author which revealed the benefits of patience, logical thought processing, utilizing the facility of the internet and appreciation of nature in solving a relatively simple life challenge which however left unattended adds unnecessary stress to day to day ...
Want to clean your furniture but you don't have any chance to buy new sponge? Try these simple tips if you want to re-use your used sponge.
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