#Alliwant - Think for a Second What do you Want in Life?

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Each and every living person has needs, hopes and desires, yet even for the most successful many remain unfulfilled. So what does this writer want? Well that is wrapped up in the content of others, you think about it.

Two thoughts from Twitter

According to one Twitter user some time ago:

    "Some kids want drugs, some want alcohol. Honestly, #alliwant is a good nap"

Well that certainly is an interesting thought, yet someone retorts with a thought

    "#alliwant is to be rich and successful"

It is amazing the range of things that people want, from digging the depths of society to the very height of success, and probably everywhere in between there are a whole scale of desires. The thoughts contained here are based on those published in an old article, that is no longer available - written many many years ago, but the thoughts contained within it are still seem relevant.

Personal Desire

How high do you set the bar? That is up to you.

Not sure how anyone can simply desire drugs or booze - surely most peoples desires live on another plane, even if not a lofty one, sinking into the gutter comes about through by stumbling or falling.

Many people when they are 13, 16, 18, 21, 25 years of age start out with a desire to change the world (or at least their piece of it) yet by the time they are 40, 50, 60 they wonder what happened to all of those desires, those burning passions, and of course frequently the need for change is still there, but somewhere along the line the mundane took over. The goal did not leave, it is just that life took over and your goal got lost somewhere, trouble is many people then wish to live their life vicariously through the actions of another person - like the grandfather who desired to play professional sports all his life but now lives that desire through the actions of his grandchild.

Things may change during the course of your life, but at all times you must reassess your goals and desired, but live your own desires - do not superimpose them on another person.

The fifty year old me had different desires than the 18 year old me, yet I am the same person and do recall many of those original desires and goals and know that some were ticked off as successfully completed while others remain open - it is how you chase those open desires that matters today.

Other goals voiced

and who can deny this goal in life. some other thoughts that were collected at the time under the topic "all I want" included:

  • To get where I'm trying to get
  • Some popularity
  • A million wishes
  • Fairness in life
  • To have a better day then yesterday
  • To say I tried my best then no matter what
  • Love and happiness
  • For you to be here with me
  • A better relationship with God
  • Someone to love me for who I am
  • A NEW challenge...

And indeed there was the cleverly worded one:

    "► Play the moments ▌▌ Pause the memories ■ Stop the pain ◄◄ Rewind the happiness"

There should always be a moment when you take time to pause and reflect, think about you and how your life is progressing. There are many view represented here and you probably nodded when you read some of them, thinking "Damn I wish I thought of that"

Desire to Wish Others Well

Isn't it amazing that when you ask people about their desires a good 30 to 50 percent of the responses you may hear are always to help others or wish them well and this includes:

  • Soldiers fighting in foreign lands
  • Our favourite sports team
  • Our children
  • Our grandchildren
  • Neighbours
  • Friends
  • Work mates

Of course there is nothing wrong with such desires, they are very natural but when we set our own personal goals they are simply not relevant. Psychologists probably have a term for those who are more concerned for the success of others above themselves.

#alliwant is for YOU!

Any subject like "all I want" is related to specific desires and needs some of which are the seemingly impossible (such as becoming President or Prime Minister) and others just the simple things in life (such as a new job). The seemingly impossible is as important a goal as the easy to achieve, but to achieve it you must start by taking certain steps that are focused around attaining that goal and not listening to those that say your aim is silly or impossible.

Wants and desire remain exactly that unless we put them into effect by developing a plan to take us one step closer every time we think about them. 'Wants' are frequently expressed as fanciful desires, such as the desire to win the lottery jackpot - the problem here is that to have such an aim remains entirely in the control of others and therefore unlikely to be achieved.

Ideas like becoming rich and successful take building a vision, planning how to achieve that, then executing the plan - and even an old man can succeed with such a plan. Great people always seek to grow and expand into fresh areas, they build a clear idea of what it is that they want, then they devise a plan that will enable them to achieve their goal.

The secret to their success is through their ability to initially envision then achieve their goals. One problem here is that often people make goals too grand, too complex, and too unobtainable, hence they fail before starting out - yet the grand idea is also achievable by taking steps along the way to make it happen.

Need to work at it

Everything we do needs some work to achieve it. Having been successfully married for more than 27 years this writer has been asked about the secret to our success and ultimately it relates to a willingness to work at the partnership. Your feelings about things do change over the years and you have to learn to grow with each other, not simply demand that you are right.

With everything in order to succeed you must work at it

If you want popularity, to pick one of the items listed here then you do have to work at it. Life is about facing challenges, surmounting obstacles, and climbing to new heights, yet ultimately each one of us moves at their own pace and it can be said that we all achieve our own goals, albeit subconscious ones, but to achieve the great goals we need a plan.

Image Credits

The images used in this article come from the following sources:

  • The Seven Ball by Peter Giblett
  • My desire from Dreamstime (Royalty Free)
  • The Goal by Peter Giblett
  • Diving right in by Green Street (Royalty Free)
  • Forever from Dreamstime (Royalty Free)

Give us your thought about what you want!

What do you want? It is important and you should spend at least a little time thinking about it each and every day.

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author avatar Bodylevive
17th Nov 2014 (#)

Enjoyed the read and I focus on present needs and I don't be too fast on acting on the wants because another need may take priority.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Nov 2014 (#)

Free of financial worries, oh and to be warm.

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author avatar viewgreen
18th Nov 2014 (#)

Awesome and very motivate article... Everyone have a dream in his/her life's. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

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author avatar Jhuckaby
18th Nov 2014 (#)

A fantastic read Peter. Everyone does in fact have dreams and desires. A fine line needs to be drawn between them. Example: My "DREAM" is to retire with out having to work for it.. My "DESIRE" is to create a business for my self that I enjoy daily. So is started freelance writting. I know I'm not possibly going to get rich off of sitting on my butt. However I can with effort. And this post has motivated me far more than i was before. Thank you for the material. it has been most enjoyable

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author avatar Retired
18th Nov 2014 (#)

Maslow's hierarchy of needs describes the levels of human needs...you use the word "goals" to mean much of the same thing.

The guy who wants a nap is craving Maslow's lowest need -- that which serves the human physiology, like food or water.

The person who wants to get rich is seeking the very highest level of needs -- that of self actualization.

Maslow implied that the rank order of needs from lowest to highest depended somewhat on whether the ones lower in the pyramid were achieved. So, the person seeking to be rich better have achieved satisfaction at the lower levels!

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
26th Nov 2014 (#)

Truth is we all need those low level needs from time to time. Most people associate those higher level needs with monetary success, which is not necessarily the case, often success at the highest level has more to do with knowledge, helping others and change rather than having a monetary value.

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author avatar snerfu
26th Nov 2014 (#)

Great picture and nice thought provoking article. But when I begin to think about what I want it takes several days to stop thinking about it.Maybe that is what my cat is thinking about!

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
26th Nov 2014 (#)

But snerfu you should never stop thinking about what you want.

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