“Cartoscopes” For The Second Week of June (June 7th – 13th)

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Another less-experimental reading mixing cartomancy and the zodiac. Also, lucky numbers!


Hello again, faithful readers!

The experimental “horoscope” was so successful, I decided to do it again. Like before, I draw three cards per symbol of the Zodiac, and perform a reading for the week based on those cards. This is actually a bit tighter than last time (last time, it was just for the “rest of May”,) but this means that things can be pin-pointed a little better. In this case, it means the cards apply to the second week of June, which is the 7th through 13th. The lucky numbers, once again, are from an astragalomancy (dice reading) formula that I was taught to use when I first started studying this years ago.

Anyway, have a look at your own sign, and see what you think!

The First Half

Aries (21 Mar. – 20 Apr.)
Things are looking good for rams for the second week of June. I’m seeing something interesting and romantic in the air. The Four of Hearts, Five of Hearts, and Seven of Diamonds shows me some last minute romantic prep work, working toward the healthy development of a romance. Careful, though, that Seven of Diamonds shows a little white lie is creeping in the background. When I asked for elaboration, the Ace of Clubs was pulled, showing a need for solitary contemplation, so this might be a good time to sit down and think about things for a bit. Ignore the stereotype of needing to charge head-long into things, being stubborn and locking horns will end badly.

Lucky Numbers: 63, 2, 11

Taurus (21 Apr. – 21 May)
The Seven of Spades, Ace of Hearts, and Six of Diamonds shows steady improvement for our friend, the bull. It looks like an initial struggle that may seem damned painful, but needs to be had. Unlike the other Spade cards, this actually means good things, which we can see when we move down the line. Your struggle will be rewarded with a kindled (or re-kindled) romantic relationship. This most likely ends rather well, as seen with the Six of Diamonds, meaning the decision you will make will turn out for the best. Elaboration was sought with the Seven of Spades, and the Four of Spades was drawn. This means the issue is most probably a feeling of being absolutely stuck, immobilized. Paired with the Ace of Hearts, however, it shows that efforts to kindle (or re-kindle, for those of you who are taken) are likely to meet with success. Rock on!

Lucky Numbers: 57, 76, 24

Gemini: (22 May – 21 Jun.)
Light at the end of Gemini’s tunnel for this week! The cards drawn were the Three of Spades, Eight of Clubs, and Four of Diamonds. This looks a lot like issues at work, and not the challenges to make you better kind. Closer to a “huge pain in the ass that you’ll have to slog through” sort, really. Now, the positioning with the Eight of Clubs shows this is likely to be a falling out or a pointless piece of nonsense at work, with the promise of a bit of a waiting period at the end of it with the Four of Diamonds. The bright side is as follows: Troubles can be avoided if a cool head is kept. Remember, obstacles can become opportunities if you want them to be. I don’t care how much this sounds like new age flake-speak, it’s true. Keep your wits about you, and plan ahead, and everything should be fine.

Lucky Numbers: 12, 40, 67

Cancer (22 Jun. – 22 Jul.)
Relatively good news for the crabs out there, as this week promises to be one which all Cancerians love; enjoying the fruits of your labors with those closest to you. An improvement in circumstances is likely, as shown by the Ten of Diamonds. Goals fulfilled, dreams realized, and this is just a start! Coupled with the Ace of Hearts, this means that it is likely to precipitate a rekindled romance, or reinvigorated family life. The final card is the Nine of Diamonds, which is the cartomantic equivalent of kicking back and relaxing, basking in your success and all that good stuff! So kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labors. You’ve earned it.

Lucky Numbers: 77, 38, 9

Leo (23 Jul. – 23 Aug.)
I’m starting to wonder if I need to do something with my cards, because they keep showing a lot of romance-related results! Leo, your week looks damned good with the King of hearts, Four of Diamonds, and Ace of Hearts! The King of Hearts typically represents something akin to a soulmate, or “love of your life” to veer away from flake-speak, and it looks like it’s a hurry up and wait situation. Expect to spend a little time playing he/she loves me, he/she loves me not with the Four of Diamonds, but things will out for the better, as shown with the Ace of Hearts. A new relationship is kindled, and all’s well that ends well.

Lucky Numbers: 42, 16, 5

Virgo (24 Aug. – 22 Sep.)
This week of June looks to be a bit on the strange side for the Virgos out there with the Ace of Diamonds, Two of Hearts, and the Joker (yes, I use that card.) Nothing necessarily bad, but just on the weird side. The One of Diamonds shows a message on the way, and it’s obviously one of love for the Virgos out there thanks to the appearance of the Two of Hearts. The Joker, however, shows an unknown factor that needs to be considered, because something weird is going on that you can’t see. Upon seeking clarification on the Joker, however, the Seven of Diamonds was drawn. This shows that there’s a bit of falsehood going on. Nothing malicious, closer to the little white lies that keep the wheels of society well-greased. You’re free to delve into them, or not, as little trouble will come of either. It boils down to just how badly you want the truth. I will say, however, that the truth will make you a better person, even if it’s just by a little bit.

Lucky Numbers: 13, 60, 11

The Second Half

Libra (23 Sep. – 23 Oct.)
Libras out there should play it smart and play for the long-term for this week in June with the Two of Diamonds, Six of Hearts, and Ten of Spades cropping up in the reading. Things start out fine, but challenges loom ahead. It looks like a bit of gossip, revealed by the Two of Diamonds, will have some long-term effects, as we can see by the Six of Hearts. As anyone involved in gossip knows, it’s a real nasty piece of trouble, and has far-reaching effects on its own. In this case, we’re led to the Ten of Spades, which shows us that at least it’ll be over soon. Things come to a head, the foundation cracks wrong, and the building comes down. But at least it’s over, and as the elaboration of the Four of Clubs shows, it provides a chance to prepare for the inevitable change, and ride the wave of opportunity that this will afford. Ride that wave, Libra, and do what you do best; Find merit in both sides.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 16, 15

Scorpio (24 Oct. – 22 Nov.)
Keep yourself sharp, Scorpio, as it looks like challenges are coming up for you, as well. The Three of Diamonds, Three of Hearts, and Four of Spades shows something really interesting is coming during this time. The Three of Diamonds combined with the Three of Hearts shows us a gift is likely to be received during this period. This is a gift which has been the apple of your eye for quite some time, in fact. The Three of Hearts implies that you’re likely to get your heart’s desire during this week. The only kicker is the Four of Spades which, normally, would imply “change is absolutely necessary” and would be trouble on the horizon. I drew the Five of Hearts for an elaboration on the Four of Spades, usually means those scorpions out there who are trying to get pregnant may be successful during this week, but it’s not going to come easy. Just keep at it!

Lucky Numbers: 69, 40, 47

Sagittarius (23 Nov. – 21 Dec.)
Things look rather curious for you archers out there during this week with the Nine of Hearts, Ace of Diamonds, and the Eight of Diamonds. It looks like you’ll get a bit of information that may lead to a new home/life for you, thanks to the combination of the Nine of Hearts and Ace of Diamonds. A new family, a new home, but because of that Ace, it might not really be what you’re looking for. The Eight of Diamonds, however, shows that while it is an exchange of information, it is likely low-value information. Idle chatter that may be worth ignoring rather than giving heed to. Keep an ear out anyway, though, you might be able to leverage it with someone who places importance in it if you’re opportunistic.

Luck Numbers: 33, 77, 32

Capricorn (22 Dec. – 20 Jan.)
The spread for you, my goat-ey (totally a word, now) friends, is the Six of Clubs, Nine of Diamonds, and Eight of Spades, which shows a bit of rest during a time of difficulty. The Six of Clubs reveals a likelihood that you’ve got a sense of purpose about you, and are doubtless headed toward somewhere you feel you need to be. Likely, it is an activity you find genuinely fulfilling, and it is leading you to the Nine of Diamonds. The dream fulfilled, and afternoons on a hammock in the sun. I’m afraid these dreams, unless pursued in full knowledge of both pros and cons and treated like an actual job, will lead us to… The Eight of Spades, an argument, and not a pleasant one. You’ll likely struggle to make yourself heard, and people will be patronizing your dreams and treating them as something of lesser importance. Commit yourself appropriately, attack the challenge with the fury of a thousand suns, and don’t let that respite be an excuse to slack off. You should turn out alright.

Lucky Numbers: 42, 62, 77

Aquarius (21 Jan. – 18 Feb.)
Welcome back, Water-Bearers! This week might bring you a bit of financial trouble, but it’s nothing you won’t work your way out of. The Ten of Spades, Two of Diamonds, and Two of Clubs is your spread, let’s have a closer look! It is likely, as the Ten of Spades shows, that the worst has happened that can happen, but the bright side is it’s over. The past is effectively dead, so bury it, because your chance to start over is now. A calm, peaceful moment has come upon you, which allows you to capitalize on the Two of Diamonds paired with the Two of Clubs. Typically the Two of Diamonds means an exchange of some sort (not always fiscal) but when combined with the Two of Clubs, it almost assures a business partnership. An agreement will be reached, you’ll get some extra help, and you can start re-building. So build bigger and better than before!

Lucky Numbers: 61, 36, 49

Pisces (19 Feb. – 20 Mar.)
The fish have a bit of a time ahead of them this week with the Ten of Spades, Two of Clubs, and Nine of Spades (elaborated upon with the Eight of Spades.) It appears that from the ashes of the past, a new partnership shall grow. A smiley – or not so smiley, as the case may be – face from your past has come and a partnership is likely. However, when elaborated upon, there is a possibility of a bit of a falling out if caution is not exercised. Remember, it takes two people to make a fuss. I forget who said that, but they’re wise words nonetheless. Keep your head, keep your temper, stay sharp and you should be just fine.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 33

That’s it until next time, ladies and gentlemen. As an old friend of mine once said, live well and be well!


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