10 Reasons for Using Google Chrome By Bloggers

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An article about the importance of using google chrome by bloggers

10 Reasons for Using Google Chrome By Bloggers

Google Chrome is a free web browser that has been developed by Google. It uses a WebKit layout engine and supports the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Aside from this, the browser has always been known for its speed and stability that comes with its easy installation.

Other than Chrome, there are also a lot of free web browsers. Some of which are those from Mozilla (FireFox) and Microsoft (Internet Explorer), but, there are a lot of great reasons why bloggers should use the Google Chrome. These reasons are listed below:

Can Open Multiple Tabs with Very Minimal Crash Rates

Blogging requires a lot of research and exploration. And most of the time, a blogger surfs the web for a variety of information. Thus, the use of multiple tabs can help a blogger save time and can provide efficiency throughout the blogger’s daily work.

Can Add a Lot of Great Blogging Apps and Extensions

Bloggers make use of a wide range of applications and extensions. Take for example, the AddThis tool and the PageRank tool. Google Chrome manages these extensions with an ease and let the blogger do what he/she is supposed to do.

Automatic Website Translation

There are times that a blogger must need to refer to a site with foreign content. Thus, this can easily be done through the use of automatic translation which can easily be detected by the Google Chrome.

Easy and Organized Bookmarks

Bloggers bookmark a lot of blogs and sites. But what’s more important is the fact that these sites must be organized. Google Chrome offers a very reliable Bookmark Manager wherein bloggers can easily create new folders to save a particular page or source.

The Inspect Element Tool

Source codes are necessary especially when bloggers are very particular of their blog’s SEO. And with Google Chrome, bloggers can easily detect if a site is a dofollow. Moreover, bloggers can also use this tool to identify a particular code error.

The Page Zoom

The Page Zoom is a very essential tool especially for those who want to have their blogs in full view. This can also be used in taking screenshots and web snapshots.

The Chrome Web Store

Bloggers can easily get their favorite blogging applications through the Chrome Web Store. These apps can easily be installed in the browser as add-ons.

Custom Themes

Custom Themes are free third-party themes that can be used to design the Google Chrome. These themes can be used by bloggers who are fond of design and customizations.

Automatic Update on the Latest Browser Version

With Google Chrome, there’s no need to download the latest version. The browser does it automatically. Indeed, a hassle-free way to keep the browser up-to-date.


Google Chrome is equipped with a private browsing feature. It automatically blocks malicious sites for users to be aware that a site might contain a potential spyware, malware, bug or worm.

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