10 Tips to lead a happy life.

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Happiness is what everyone wishes. But, of course not everyone in this World is happy. Here are few tips that always keep you happy.. This Article is purely based on Experience.

10 Tips to lead a happy life.

Leading a happy life is very easy. People take life with a high mind and often miss happiness. There are few reasons for which you should lead a happy life:-
Once you are happy in your life, you'll love to live.
Once you love your life, you'll become Optimistic.
Once you'll become Optimistic, you'll be pure ever with your thought.
Once you are pure with your thought, you'll be perfect in decision making.
Once you are perfect in a decision making, you'll get to face an Interesting time.
Once you'll face an Interesting time, you'll know to manage the time.
Once you manage the time, you can create good impression on Others about you.
Once you do so, you'll gain Popularity....and so on.....

So, here's how...
1:- Consider yourself as a bulb. If the filament of the bulb is good, the light'll be bright.
Similarly, if your thought is good, you see the light of your life very bright.
2:- Remember, you are the creator of your Own problem, because, no clap is formed by one hand itself.
3:- Try to make others happy always. This'll give you a lot of happiness.
4:- Don't panic when a problem strikes. Every problem is brought to you in order to deepen and strengthen your Character.
5:- Always accept your Critic. He/she'll also help you in deepening and strengthening your character. If Character is lost, everything is lost.
6:- Don't be Egoistic. Don't consider yourself superior. Everyone's equal. Just think that you are a her.
7:- Check if you have a perfect character daily.
8:- Think at least once before reacting. Be Polite always. Always speak Truth.
9:- In case if you get anger, remember " A Smile is enough to cure your Anger"
10:- The most important of all is to maintain a good health. It'll keep you happy. Try to educate as many people as possible because, educating others isn't a sin.


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