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Posted in Wikinut>Guides>Internet is the private default IP address of your router. It is IPv4 type address and it’s a default address for a vast fraction of routers, ADSL, DAL and cable modems.

Default IP Address

Wire routers, Linksys, Some ADSL routers, 3com router and few TP-link routers generally use this IP address as their private default IP address.This private default IP address is used for login the router web network control panel or router configuration page. To make several setting change, such as creating a wireless password, selecting Wi-Fi channel, activating firewall protection you need to login the web network control panel or configuration page of your router.Login to your router network control panel is very simple. Just by placing in your browser search bar. If your router has different IP simply type its address instead of

General use of IP usually employed for a default private IP address for almost every model of the router from the different vendor. The reason why it is so common is because we have a limited number of IP addresses for this purpose, so a set of specific numbers of IP addresses are kept reserved for the local network. is one of those reserved IP address for the local network. is only accessible by local network and in this case by your router network. Besides of this IP address, router consist of one more IP address which is known as the public IP specified by your internet provider and anyone can see it.

Accessing your routers network control page using

As mentioned above you just need to put in your browser search bar. If your router has different IP simply type its address instead of After that, you need to provide a username and password. Go to the router manual to see what is the default username and password. Normally, admin is use as the username and password slot is kept blank.In this case, you need to go through some combination of username and password such as Username: admin & Password: admin in next combination replace the username by root and kept the password same.

If these combinations don't work you can search for default username and password of your router from the internet. As the official site of your routers manufacture keep this information for particularly this sort of situations. not opening on the network control panel

If your router is not opening the network control panel, then here are some things you need to do and hope everything will get fine, before reaching tech support.

Check and double check if properly typed the IP address of your router?

Check if your firewall blocking the access?

Resetting your router

Try by resetting your computer.

If your problem is still there wise idea should be to connect different computer by the network cable or simply by using Wi-Fi, you can use a smartphone or laptop of your friend for the test.

Made some changes to the password but your machines connected ti=o the network are not offering to enter the new password?

If you create a new password, For windows user, it is not a big issue as you don't need to enter the new password until you remove the saved network settings, or you made some changes to the wireless network name. To remove saved network settings, on windows powered machine go to Control Panel then Network and Sharing Center the Manage wireless networks, select your network and delete it. Now connect to the network by entering the new password.If this problem is occurring on your Android or iOS smartphone, just select forget option on a Wi-Fi selection setting.

How to change the IP address?

As the name says default private IP address is placed on most of the routers by their manufacturers, though it can be changed to any required private address. For this go to your router manual and look for the detailed instructions, but generally, in most of the routers, you need to login to the network control panel (by entering router IP address into browser search bar) after that go to LAN setting to modify the address of the router into the one you wanted. You will also demand to go to DHCP settings and place the new IP address pool range which replies to your new inserted router address.


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