2 determinants of your behavior

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Got a Negative Behavior??
Lost your Reputation??
Here's a book that clearly describes the reasons for your Negative Behavior and the steps to change it.

2 determinants of your Behavior

First Determinant:-
Source of Influence:- Source of Influence is the most important determinant, that influences your behavior. It again depends if you are being influenced by others or if you influence others. In case, if you are influenced by others, it again depends if the source is positive or negative.
Optimism or Pessimism of the source is greatly decided by the external world.
So, make sure with the knowing of it. If your source is negative it’s obvious to find yourself with a bad behavior and scolds from the surroundings and vice-versa.
In case, if you are the source of Influence for other’s behavior, it again depends on the optimism and the pessimism of your source of Influence. i.e., Optimism α Positive Behavior & Pessimism α Negative Behavior.

Second Determinant:-
Your Response to it:- The way you respond to the source of Influence is the second most important determinant.
In case the source is negative and you accept to follow it, your misfortune lets you have a bad behavior.
And in case the source is negative and you decide to motivate the source to a proper path, that’s Excellent, you will be no longer an enemy of anyone in your surroundings.
In case you are ready to get influenced by a positive source of Influence, you are perfectly a disciplined ones.
If you influence people positively, that’s even great showing you marvelous results.

4.Steps to change your behavior:-
Remember this few phrases,
a. Be Positive.
b. Back Off.
c. Anger isn’t to be shown but rather to be controlled.

A student always deserves the chance to change his behavior as desired at a proper time.
This is all because of the Teachers around him, who always reflect the student’s personality and Mental Appearance like a Mirror that reflects a person’s physical appearance.

So, try to get influenced by a Positive source or rather influence people positively to obtain an astonishing good behavior.


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I hope I am a good influence on people in my life. Interesting article, thankyou.

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