3 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting Flagged When Posting on Ad Sites

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So, I make a lot of my money online through posting ads on sites like Craigslist and Backpage. The challenge with these sites is that a lot of spammy marketers out there have ruined it for the people who want to posts a number of legitimate links from various products you are promoting. It can be a little frustrating.

You are not alone

Apparently, I was not alone in this frustration. I came across a post for a neat little trick to stay under the radar from both watchdogs, which relentlessly scour Backpage for spammers, and the bots put in place to deter these people. It is to create multiple email accounts, change out your titles and ad copy often, and to avoid “spammy” keywords.

1. Multiple email accounts

I know, I know, you’re going to tell me that this sounds shady too, right? Yeah, well, unfortunately, this is a measure that has become a necessity to get your services out to the world.

What I really liked in this article is that one site in particular, GMX.com, will allow you to have up to 10 accounts link, with emails forwarded to one account. This way, if you had many accounts, you would only have to log into one mail.

So, once you have the accounts set up (how many is completely up to you), the key is to post no more than two posts at a time to an account. This helps avoid suspicion because it won’t overwhelm a particular area with 10 of the same ad.

2. Changing out Titles and Ad Copy

Also, be sure to mix up your titles and ad copy. Again, same title, same message in same category at the same time? This is a horrible idea. It will be noticed and it will get you flagged.

3. Avoid “Spammy” Keywords and Outrageous Claims

Are you really going to make $10,000 in 3 days with your system? People will look right past those promising such wild claims. However, if your business could realistically make that much in 3-6 months, they may click on your ad.

Even then, I would avoid such claims at all in your title. Instead, really take some time to decide who your target audience is and identify how your product or service provides a solution to them in some way. Enticing patrons and being honest will attract a lot more people. Not only that, but they will appreciate you being honest, which is crucial when selling to people.

Hopefully, these tips will help. Figuring out what to do and not do can be a nightmare when you're trying to post out there. Be prepared to experiment!


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