3 Efficient tricks that every home needs

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Running a home is a really difficult and very responsible job. If you ask me, every housewife should have a huge monthly paycheck, with lot of zeros in front of a one.

Where to start?

Having every single chore on your mind is demanding enough, but that’s not all what we have to do, because we are literally the only ones who will remind our family members about their chores and responsibilities. After all of that, finding some time for ourselves as likely as doing real magic. So, when help is offered to me, I don’t deny it. In order to help the rest of you a bit, I came up with this list, which was a real time-saving discovery for me – I hope it would do the same for you.

Is there such thing as a completely clean home?

Yes, there is, but it’s necessary to be really disciplined, and there’s only one way to manage that – a schedule. You need to make a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning schedule and stick to it. It’s also necessary to have your family members following it, because you can’t do anything by yourself. It’s best to start with every chore that comes to your mind, even the smallest one, and write it down. When you have everything listed, you can divide them into several practical columns (you should leave room below, so you can add things in time).

The secret of a perfectly clean home is in cleaning the mess right away. Leaving it just five minutes longer extends the time necessary to clean it – every stain will harden up in that time, so you’ll need to scrub it off. The good thing is that you don't have to buy the expensive cleaners when you can make them on your own, without spending more than a minute – just use a combination of vinegar, water and lemons. All surfaces in your home will be absolutely clean and the whole house will smell fresh.

How to make more storage room?

If your house is starting to be overcrowded, you need to make more room for your stuff. This shouldn't be alarming – every family home has the same problem. Now, you need to be creative and find a corner of your house that hasn't been used, and turn it into a set of shelves. Your goal should be to neatly store all things used in a room – all towels should be in the bathroom, every pot and plate should go back in the kitchen and every toy should have its box.

Doing this will be much easier if you look at it if it were just another DIY project. So, no matter the size of your home, you'll find room if you're willing to look for it. You should also use the corners of your ceiling and place some hanging shelves there – they'll be useful and besides, they're really stylish right now. If you have a staircase in your house, you can easily turn it into a huge closet. That space beneath the stairs can have some usual storage cabinets, but the trick is into turning the stairs into drawers. You should consider hiring a capable handyman to help you with this one. The best thing to do is to make a list of handyman for each type of repair and put them on speed-dial next to the other "emergency numbers".

When it comes to your kitchen, the ceiling is your new best friend. Having all pots and frying pans hanging from there is a win-win situation – you'll be more efficient while cooking by not losing any time while searching for a dish, and your kitchen will look modern and cozy.

How to recognize a broken pipe?

A water pipe makes noise when there’s a leak – that’s one of the main indicators for a broken pipe. You can always fix that leak temporarily by using a patch (made out of a rubber pad and suitable clamps), until you decide to call your plumber. But, be aware that this isn't a permanent solution – it should hold out for approximately a month. A patch is one thing, but changing the set of pipes by yourself is completely different. If you're not that handy and unexperienced with doing home projects, you shouldn't even start – you need a professional. If you’re really into doing things by yourself, a real plumbing professional can show and explain what he’s doing to you.


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