3 Tips To Get Soft, Silky, And Smooth Hair

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Silky smooth hair is often times a top priority for most women. Unfortunately, while some women are born with naturally silky hair, most women are deprived of such natural gifts. Many women suffer from frizzy, unruly hair that lacks an apt shine.

Below are some tips to get you started:

Are dry and rough. Irrespective of whether the current fashion trend entails short sporty hair or long silky ones. The secret of getting that signature soft silky smoothness has always been careful pampering of one’s hair, but how does one exactly pamper their hair?

Natural hair masks:

You might’ve heard of this one, and chances are that you’re more likely skeptical than satisfied, after all, does masking your hair with things often commonly scattered around the house really leave a profound positive effect? Or is it just some cruel hoax? Well, from a purely technical point of view. Yes, yes it does. Your hair, just like the rest of body needs nutrients to grow and maintain itself, and things like eggs, gelatin and bananas can provide these nutrients for you. PHB Ethical Hair Conditioning Mask.

Some masks to try out:

• Mayonnaise mask.
• Gelatin mask.
• Avocados and Eggs.
• Apple Sauce.

For instructions on preparation and application, YouTube is your best friend, and is far more helpful then any wall of text.
(Be careful not to apply any substance that you are allergic to.)

Snip, Snip:
This is pretty straight forward, and is a necessary evil. If you’re being squeamish and thinking of skipping this step, don’t. Hair that has been left untrimmed for long starts to develop split ends, and we all know what that means right? Stunted growth. Unless you’re in the unlikely situation that you actually want to stop your growth. I suggest you grab a pair of scissors, and start snipping away at those split ends. Keeping your hair prim and proper.
(Be careful not to cut too much in the heat of the moment.)

The Price to Pay:
Hair care is rarely, if ever complete without the proper hair care products. There are many varieties to choose. An innumerable amount of brands, all banking on the promise to pamper your hair to perfection. It’s daunting to choose the right ones.

The two main things you need to look out for are conditioners and shampoos, as they are the crux of your hair care. It’s recommended that you buy both of the same brands as often they are engineered to work the best in complement to each other. In this respect Biosilk in Dubai produces the best results as it’s specifically geared towards making silky smooth hair, grab an after spray as well if you want to make results long last.
(Keep a watchful eye out for fakes.)

The above three steps are all you should need to maintain your hair on the proper track, these steps are not set in stone, so keep a watchful eye for anything that might benefit your hair. If you find that you are not getting the desired results you want, or your hair are particularly stubborn refuse to give in to the silkiness, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.


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