4 Moving Mistakes and how you can avoid them

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Everybody that has moved houses at least once can tell you a thing or two they did wrong, and what they wish they knew at the time of planning.

4 Moving Mistakes and how you can avoid them

Everybody that has moved houses at least once can tell you a thing or two they did wrong, and what they wish they knew at the time of planning. Many families have learned moving lessons the hard way, even if they DIY their own move. Moving is a big step, and there are many pitfalls on the way.

However, with careful planning and research, you can avoid some of the most common mistakes families make, and ensure your moving process goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Get real references

Many families take the process of checking out moving details too lightly. As a result, they find themselves having lost some valuables or landed in some other mishap. However, this is not only reserved for the moving company, which many people know to check out; you should also carry out a similar check for the place you’re moving, particularly if it’s in a different city.

Some people have excitedly bought new houses in locations far from their homes based on the kind of property people around their former area liked, only to find when they want to move again that people in the new area prefer a completely different style of homes, making it hard to sell the old house.

Read local papers, talk to parents of kids in the schools your children will go, knock on doors of potential neighbors. Don’t believe everything you hear from the real estate agent. Show up unannounced at different times to see what the place is like. Find out from locals what they like and dislike about the city.

2. Research, research, research

Start by poring over the moving contract, and ask all questions until you fully understand every term set out in the contract. what insurance are they offering, for instance? How are losses covered? Will they provide boxes for moving? Can they guarantee an arrival date (intercity and/or inter-country moves)? Collect details about the company and ensure you’re not the victim of a scam. Check out their website, and find out from consumer review sites if there are any complaints against your potential movers.

The most important thing is to confirm that the movers will be conducting the move themselves. Avoid broker arrangements, since your rights are not preserved when the moving company subcontracts your move to another company.

Another aspect of research involves talking to the zoning or planning board of the new city to which you’re going. Are they planning any rezoning or changes and how will these affect the value of your home? are there any developments in the pipelines to make the area you want to live in more attractive should you need to sell in future?

3. Do not rush

If you’re in a hurry, you’re more likely to make mistakes: you won’t research the city and moving company as extensively, you may choose houses or moving companies you don’t like. People make the wrong decisions when they are rushed; they don’t account for all the variables and find themselves locked in an unpleasant situation a little time in.

Plan for your move and begin as early as possible. If however you are thrust into an impossible timeline by circumstances beyond your control, consider holding off on the move and renting an apartment in the new city while you take time to check out the new place.


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