4 Reasons I Quit Going to the Movies

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A few years ago, I would always be seeing the latest movie popular every month. There wasn’t a movie that I hadn’t seen, and I was the person to ask for the best recommendation of which motion picture to see next. Until one day, I decide the cost for a movie ticket was too expensive, nobody wanted to go with me, I was constantly busy, and I realized I could watch any movie in the comfort of my own home.

1. Too Expensive

In my hometown, a regular matinee costs $7.75, if you add 3-D into the mix, the price goes up to $11.75. Most movies these days are in 3-D and in my movie theater, you also have the choice for D-Box seats, which move with the cinema. The D-Box seats cost $8. Almost everyone that takes in a motion picture will want popcorn, which is outrageously priced at $4.25 for a small. Don’t forget that drink to wash down the popcorn, again a small, mostly filled with ice, is $3.75. All in all the total cost of going to a matinee movie with the purchase of small popcorn and a small soda adds up to be $15.75 for one person. I would rather be spending that money on food.

2. Nobody to Go With

As I mentioned earlier, I would always be seeing a movie. Mostly, while on a date. Now, I think there are so many other great things to do on a date, a going to the movie theater is one of my last options. Also, my friends are usually busy or don’t have any money when the latest box-office hit is shown, so we choose to do something less expensive.

3. Too Busy

For a while, I was working two jobs and going to school, making it difficult to find time to do anything, let alone see a movie. I did go to a couple, but I found myself falling asleep during the film and thought there was no point in paying to sleep. Now, even working just one job, I am in the habit of not going to a movie every week, as I have found other things to keep myself occupied.

4. I Can Watch Movies at Home

Companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime have made it possible never to see a movie in theaters again. If the newest Hunger Games comes out, I can simply rent it with the click of the remote all while lying on the couch in my pajamas. This choice saves money as well; because I can have whichever snacks I already have, which are usually healthier choices than the butter-dipped popcorn and sugar-filled soft drinks.


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author avatar Retired
8th Jul 2015 (#)

All good reasons to stay home from the show. So much of it is unwatchable or idiotic anyway. Viewers are getting smart about it. Like you, I pick my pics wisely.

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author avatar Retired
10th Jul 2015 (#)

Sounds like somebody is growing up. LOL
I quit going to movies long ago for all the same reasons. I also don't like crowds.
Good sharing.

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author avatar Lesa Cote
18th Sep 2018 (#)

Thank you for courtney for sharing an interesting blog.

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