4 Things that will help you improve your confidence

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Let’s see what might be some underlying problems here and what you can do about it.


Self-esteem can influence the quality of our lives. Too much self-esteem might make us seem conceited and egocentric, but when one lacks confidence, some greater problems might arise. There are ways to improve your confidence, but you really need to work on this.

Start exercising

Physical activity will not just improve our mood, but it will also help us improve our health and looks. Some people are unsatisfied with their weight - no matter if we are talking about the excess weight problem or underweight problem. Any kind of weight problem can be solved with proper nutrition and, of course, with exercising. Burn your calories and relax you mind while practicing yoga, since this will bring some balance to your life. You don’t need to renounce your favorite food - you can engage in more intense workouts and even workout longer, and you can eat whatever you want, guilty free. If you have appetite problems, working out will solve it, too, and you will easily gain some weight in no time. All of this will help you realize that with slight effort, you can do more, and there is no need to be diffident.

Read motivational books

Motivational books offer advice that will help you deal with your insecurity and your fears. Plus, reading almost anything will make you feel great because you get to learn many new things. Not only our looks, but also the lack of knowledge can influence our self-esteem. If you are bored and you have nothing to do, well, read a book! There are some great recommendations all over the internet and you can even read some reviews before you start reading an actual book, or you can go to the nearest bookstore and see what they recommend.


You might avoid socializing if you lack confidence, but be aware that this will only have a counter effect. Socializing is crucial for getting rid of these barriers, so arrange a meeting with the friends you feel comfortable talking to, and go out! There is no need to live in solitude, as this will only result in you getting really depressed and even mentally unstable. Meet new people, don’t be afraid to engage in conversations with your neighbors or other acquaintances.

Improve your looks

Looks aren't the most important, but they can have a great impact on our psyche. If you are not satisfied with your looks, well, then you need a change. The best way to solve the problem of low self-esteem in this case is to try to make yourself prettier in your own eyes. These changes don’t even need to be too big, and they will still give results.


Change the color of your hair or get a new haircut, this always works when you are not satisfied with your looks. Pick a good hairdresser in order to avoid ending up unsatisfied. What kind of change you need? Anything that you like will probably work for you. Consult with your hairdresser whether a certain color or hairstyle would suit the shape of your face and the color of your complexion. Search the internet and magazines for something that you find attractive and show it to your hairdresser - I am sure that you will find a way to achieve the look you've always wanted.


Change your clothing style if you consider that this is the change you need. Find something that will suit the shape of your body and your age, and go shopping. If you don’t know what to buy, bring a friend with you because he or she might help you pick something that will look really nice on you. Try to find a style that will suit your personality and your secret wishes - it’s never late for a change like this.


You are unsatisfied with the color of your teeth? Well, visit your dentist and get them whitened. There is no need to hide your teeth and avoid smiling. Nowadays, laser teeth whitening treatments are quite affordable and they don’t even last too long. Just a couple of visits to your dentist, and you will have white teeth, just like any Hollywood star.
There are many things you can do for yourself that can help you recover your self-esteem and make you feel good as you've never felt before.


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24th May 2014 (#)

what great advice Ivan...thank you..

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27th May 2014 (#)

I need to work on my hair and clothing.

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28th May 2014 (#)

Awesome post as well labeled as one of a kind, cheers!

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26th Oct 2014 (#)

good post very useful and informative. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

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