4 questions self-assessment test: How good a leader are you?

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Let’s face it: at least once in a life time each one of us had to be reminded by a diploma of some dormant qualities.

Take this little self assessment test and see how good a leader you are.

I for one, I got by the end of the high-school a diploma certifying my electrician qualification. Of course, I never used it, and it seems so remote in time that I have to feel the touch of the old paper on my fingers to believe that it was once true. My mother has a driving license that she never used, that she also has to touch in order to believe that she got it some 50 years ago. So, similarly, leadership does not come by a diploma; holding a job in a leading position if all that you ever led is your blind neighbor across the street, does not make you much of a leader.
You don’t have to ever admit to anybody that you took it, if you are dissatisfied with how you score. Answer to the next four questions with numbers from one to twenty. You have to be honest with yourself.

1. How many persons do you think you lead?
2. How many events do you organize, spot and propose weekly/monthly/yearly to the group you think you lead?
3. How many persons attend those events with you?
4. A. Are the excuses of the non–attending members of your group financially related? B. If yes, have you sought a way to bring bonuses to your group and make attendance easier?
1st Place
If the answers to the first three questions is close to 20 or bigger, and you answered positively to the B question, then C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S you are a great leader and you can expect your group to get larger and larger. You don’t need any diploma to remind you of your leading qualities. You are definitely a caring leader and the group you lead loves you.
2nd Place
If the answers to the first three questions are somewhere between 10 and 20 and you answered the B question negatively, congratulations, you just found out what keeps you from attaining the 1st place. Definitely you are on the right track but you need to work more on finding great deals and opportunities for your group to follow you in a larger proportion.
3rd Place
Your answers are disproportional; the first two numbers being almost double the third one. If your answer to A is negative, then you lack persuasion. Try to work on that. If your answer to B is positive, than you lack marketing tools. Either way, it is a good beginning, spotting the culprit is the most important in your progress. Good luck!

1st runner up
Your answers to the three questions are smaller than five. Unless you are still in school (in which case congratulations for trying your hand with this test), are you sure that you ever cared to be a leader? Yes, I agree, it is never too late a start, but take it as it is, a good start with baby-steps. Take the information within the questions and know that good leadership is reflected in higher number of followers to the many events that you organize or just spot, and your caring for your group is reflected in the advantages your group members receive through answering to your invitations. I am anxious to watch you growing as a leader!

All the answerers in between, feel free to express your opinion.


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