5 Benefits to Adopting a Mixed Breed Dog

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Families who want to adopt a dog should consider all of their options. Instead of going for a purebred because of a specific look or parentage, they should also considered a mixed breed understanding the benefits associated with adopting this type of dog.


Are you thinking of getting a dog? Consider adopting a mixed breed dog versus one that's a purebred dog. Why? There are benefits to adopting a mixed breed dog that potential pet owners often overlook.

The Benefits

Your dog is unique.
No one in your neighborhood owns a dog quite like yours. His appearance is either odd or exceptionally cute depending on the blend of his parentage. Either way, he stands out. If he ever gets lost, after presenting a photo, there's no question as to whether or not you're his owner.

Your heart opens more.
Mixed breeds are dogs you pick up at a shelter or get from a pal with an overload of puppies. Your adoption of a mix breed is the sincerest form of charity. You open up your home and heart to a dog that may require upfront medical care and basic training. His only talent: the ability to love you back.

The dog population lessens.
Strays (usually mixed breeds) directly impact the overpopulation of dogs in some areas. Besides usually being mixed breed, strays also carry ticks, fleas and disease. They tend to run in packs and rummage through trashcans for food. An adoption of a stray decreases his chance of mating and continuing a destructive cycle.

Cost-effective pet adoption.
Adopting a mixed breed dog is far less expensive than adopting one that's purebred. After paying a reasonable adoption fee, you take your dog home or, in some scenarios, you get him for free. In the case of a purebred, you pay a hefty price for his pedigree. The cost can run into the thousands.

Fewer veterinarian bills.
Although heavily debated by some, purebred dogs tend to be more susceptible to genetic disorders. As a consequence, their owners must be financially ready to pay for care specific to debilitating conditions. According to the experts at Eddie's Wheels, "If it were not for the existence of purebred dogs, there probably would not be enough demand for dog wheelchairs to support the half-dozen dog wheelchair companies in the U.S."


The above are five benefits to adopting a mixed breed dog. Consider them the next time you plan to add a dog to your household.


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17th Feb 2014 (#)

I have heard that mixed breed dogs tend to have fewer health problems too which is really one of the main reasons why people adopt them.

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