5 Essential Garageband Tips and Tricks for New songwriters

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This article is all about Tips and tricks fro new songwriter who are using garageband app

5 Essential Garageband Tips and Tricks for New songwriters

Garageband is one of the apps that every Apple MAC user savors. It has got everything that an aspiring or a pro music creator would want.

From musical typing, making use of the loops to the different instruments. There is almost everything inside the garageband app.

In case you have just treated yourself with a new mac or are diving into making music and wish to give garageband a try, Read forward as we discuss about 5 essentials garageband tips and tricks for new songwriters.

Use Musical typing

Garageband has been known time and again for the new features that keep coming in the new updates. Now if you don’t carry the USB keyboard or the controller of your instrument, Garageband has a solution for it.

It is called musical typing. It will help you dig into any instrument of your choice as easy as choosing a chord from the library. To use the feature, click on windows in the toolbar and click on the option “show musical typing”.

The musical typing window shall appear. There are tons of features that will help you make the most out of it.

Make use of the loops

When it comes to making a new music, it is important to catch a rhythm and stick to it until the end.

When we talk of having a rhythm constant, then the concept of loops becomes very important. It lets you create songs by simply dragging and dropping already made loops so you can track your timeline.

There is a dedicated loop browser on macOS and iOS for garageband. To open it, you have to click on the loop icon in the toolbar. Once there you can also choose any particular instrument or genres.

Just drag and drop a loop in the empty area to get started.

Learn to play

Since you are an aspiring songwriter, it makes sense for you to learn some instrument to go with your songs. Garageband has got you covered.

The process is very simple. Click on the “New project” option on macOS and click on ‘Learn to play’ where you will be greeted with videos related to guitar and piano.

You can learn at your own pace. There are a bunch of free full courses that spoon feed you from playing instruments through to playing chords and melodies. Once you feel confident then of course you can crack open access to paid courses, that too from famous artists.

Use smart instruments

Every aspiring songwriter is always learning about new ways to learn how to make a chord. People who made garageband clearly knew that their audience would constitute of people from all the learning levels.

The smart instrument feature in garageband for iOS helps you learn how you can improve chord progression. To back it up, you will have the choice to adding a custom tone to go with it.

There are options like smart bass, drums, strings, guitars and piano. You can set the instruments so they are constant throughout. You get choices like loud/quiet and simple/complex. So just tap and keep learning

The iCloud

Both the versions of garageband available for iOS and macOS are same but still slightly different. When a certain song is saved in the cloud. It is designed to be accessed only on the same platform.

If a song has been designed and curated on a mac then it shall be edited only on the mac whereas if a song is done on an iOS device then it will be edited only on a similar iOS device.

So remember before you save and wish to edit the cloud based songs. It is unidirectional. Song’s can’t go from iOS device to a mac device.


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