5 Simple Steps to Help You Learn Faster And Easier

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Learning new things is one of the most important processes in our lives. Although it can be real fun, most often it is really painful and exhausting activity. Using simple procedures may allow you to learn faster and better and reduce pressure of remembering a lot of things in a short time.

Write a short concept or summary
Get a clean peace of paper and start writing your concept. It could be a list of points you want to cover learning or a short summary if you have already read the material and you need to learn it better.This should provide you with a clear idea of what your thinking direction should be and what to focus on.

Teach yourself like you would someone else
Try to reproduce the material you just read like someone else should understand it. Just if you are a student, it does not mean that you can’t be a teacher at the same time. This approach will help you to develop a story better and in the best order that suits your brain.

Fill the blanks using the source materials
Everybody get stuck. That is something you can’t avoid. Don’t force yourself to remember and spend a lot of time trying. Just go back to the source material and read the part you are missing. That way your story line will be more fluent and easier to remember. You will also have better concentration because your brain will not be tired of extensive trying to recall small stuff.

Rewrite in your own words
Talking about fluent story line, it should be told as simple as possible and in your own words. That way you will know exactly what you are talking about and it will be a piece of cake to remember it. You can always build up the way you are presenting what you have learned. But for the learning process, the simpler is better. The other important thing is to not just redefine content in your words, but also to write it down. It can be a time consuming, but it will have a huge impact on your memory. The brain will faster remember something if it already gave instructions to your hands to write it down.

Repetition is the mother of learning! Repeat (re-read) what you have done in the previous step(s) and it will be imprinted deeper in your brain. Do it a couple of times and you will remember whatever you want with no trouble..


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Very useful tips. Thanks.

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