5 Surprising Ways to be Happy in Your Life

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There are many people who are tired of this difficult and sorrowful life on Earth and are in need of tips to be happy in spite of overwhelming reasons to be sad.

How to be Happy

I dedicate this article to all my friend who are feeling tired with this strenuous and sorrowful life and are seeking ways to be happy in their lives even in times of sadness and misery.
Be Optimistic
Try to have an optimistic outlook towards your life. Everything has a good and a bad side. All you need to do is focus on the positive side of everything. For example, you are very excited about going to a grand New Year's Party when suddenly it starts raining and you are confined to your home. The bad side is that you couldn't attend the party. But the positive side is that you got to spend your New Year together with your parents and share your precious time with them thus making both you and your parents happy. When you feel really sad, remember that there are people in this world who are in an even worse situation than you.
Follow Your Instincts
Although it is good to make use of your intelligence while making many important decisions of your life, sometimes, you should also go by your instincts. Try not to analyse and measure every small decision and follow your instincts and see where they lead you to.
Devote Some of Your Time to Your Family
Family is the most important thing in life and your most precious source of happiness in dark times. Try not to spend all your time in work or with friends. Share some moments of your life with your family, sharing the events of the day, both good and bad, with them. Sometimes, sharing your sadness with your family lightens the burden on your heart.
Live in the Present
Try not to live in the past. You must learn from your past, but not live in it. Instead of mourning about the past, think about your present and your future. This will inspire you to work hard for a better tommorrow.
Be Contented with What You Have
Contentment is the key to joy. So be satisfied with what you have and stop running for more. Think yourself as privileged as their are several people who have less than you.
I hope that the above tips will help you live your life happily and enjoy and cherish every single moment of your life.


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