5 elements that define 100% cashmere wool

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Cashmere is synonymous with softness, gentleness, and pure luxury. It's a completely natural product that certainly deserves a high place as one of the most demanded material today. 100% cashmere products fascinates with their fantastic softness and warmth.

Cashmere orgin

Unlike most wool is obtained from sheep, cashmere is made from Tibetan mountain goats that in order to maintain the quality and softness of wool grown in a natural environment. Because of severe weather conditions in which Tibetan goats reside (also known as cashmere goats), their wool has special properties such as excellent softness, delicacy and warmth that surpasses all others. Namely, they live in extreme conditions where temperatures fall down to -50°C. Cashmere goats are locally called Capra hircus laniger, like the subspecies of the domestic goat Capra hircus.
Today, India is the biggest producer of cashmere in the world, while other decent producers are Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and other Asian countries.
Cashmere is luxurious material because of its hard production where one goat gives four ounces a year. The quality of cashmere material also affects the price of cashmere products, so if you find products which are 100% cashmere, expect their price to be high.

Thermoregulation characteristics of cashmere

Cashmere or Kashmir has tremendous possibilities of regulation of moisture and heat, thus it can absorb up to 40% of moisture from the environment without the humidity it felt. Cashmere garments are produced by using a very long fiber, also composed by the duvet: this allows having higher quality clothes protecting the body from lower and higher temperatures.


Kashmir is an excellent insulation one can wear on cold because its fibers are thick and curly, and it keeps a lot of air, creating a layer of the best natural insulation. The insulating features of cashmere wool are up to nine times warmer than regular wool.

Lightweight isolation

Cashmere wool is naturally very resilient; it is the main feature that gives that familiar feeling of softness in cashmere. The fibers are extremely elastic and can be stretched up to 40% without being blasted.

No electricity

Wool is electrostatically neutral about the opportunity to absorb moisture from the air, thus preventing the formation of static electricity. Also contains lanolin, which is used in the cosmetic industry.

What's made of cashmere?

Cashmere wool is used for range variety of products. This material is especially popular in annum and winter because of its features to protect us from cold.
You can find all kind of clothes made of cashmere: cardigans, jumpers, scarves, gloves, socks, tank tops, hoodies, hats, wraps etc.


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