5 mistakes people do while advertising their blog

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These are the 5 mistakes that bloggers make while advertising their blog.

The 5 Blooging Mistakes

Advertising your blog is something you can do with relative ease, thanks to a range of ad networks that make the process easy. However, that doesn’t mean everyone advertises in the best possible way. Here are five of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen.

1. Broken Link
In some cases, the blogger forgets to include “http://” at the start of their URL, and the system they’re using doesn’t automatically add it – so the link doesn’t work.
Mistakes can and do occur – and it’s vital to check your URL before placing your ad, to avoid wasting your money. I recently clicked on an ad that interested me on Facebook. It took me to a blank screen. Tried it in other browsers, no joy. A waste of time for me – and a waste of money for the advertiser.

2. Poor Ad Image or Text
A lot of factors can determine whether your ad image is any good. The image should be striking so it stands out and compels people to click it. Using a relevant image is important, too.
Using text on your ad image is fine, but there’s a careful balance to be found between having too much text or too little. You’ll also want to avoid writing a message that’s generic and doesn’t help you to stand out from the crowd. Simply using a small image and putting the name of your blog on top isn’t going to work if your blog doesn’t have a name that describes what it’s about – or if the blog name is bland and won’t inspire people to click on the ad.

3. Advertising Too Soon
If your blog is very new and has hardly any content, don’t advertise it yet. I don’t think you should share a new blog with anyone until you’ve at least written the about page and half a dozen posts. The default “Hello World” post doesn’t count (which you should delete, by the way).
No matter how long your blog’s been around, advertising it when it’s using a default theme will not help your blog to make an impact on a new visitor. Nor does it make the blog memorable. Get your house in order before showing folks around.

4. Advertising On The Wrong Site

What’s your blog about? Who are you writing for? These are good questions to ask about your own blog. But once you start advertising, you also need to ask similar questions about the sites where you want to advertise.
Think who will see your ad on the sites you’re advertising on. Are you looking to advertise on sites with the same topic as your blog, or something closely related? Or do you just want maximum exposure on a high-traffic site?
Basically, you don’t just have to know the audience of your blog – you also have to know something about the people who visit the sites where you advertise. Otherwise, how do you know it’s worth advertising there?

5. Having a Poor Landing Page
If people click your ad, where do they end up? On your homepage, a specific post, or a tailor-made landing page? How will you ensure that once someone hits your blog, they will be able to find what they’re looking for?
Getting people to your blog is only step 1. Helping people to find your best content is the next step. If you’re advertising a product or service, you’ll want to explain how it works to help a potential customer decide if it’s for them or not.


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Very good information on managing your blog. Thank you for sharing.:)

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You are a good expert in this line.. thanks.

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24th Dec 2011 (#)

Thanks Denise and Rezaul for liking the post.

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I've learnt some good points from this page.

Thank you, shankysahni.

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