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Follow these 5 easy but essential steps to point your site in the right direction. Read on to find out more.

SEO what?

Okay first off what is SEO exactly? Well SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, in it’s basic form is to get a better rank in search engine results pages. Now you may be asking why do I need to care about this!? Easy really, if you’re after more traffic for your website then this is very important.
If you are serious about traffic then it’s probably because you are have an online business, website generating revenue through ads or even just a website as a hobby that you wish to generate extra income to keep it going. SEO = more traffic = more money. That’s what it’s all about.

In the world of SEO there are loads of ways to up your page rank in Google, MSN, Yahoo or other search engines. Some techniques are frowned upon by such giants like Google (known as Blackhat SEO), but the following tips are guides that follows the general guidelines that these search engines set out (known as Whitehat SEO)

#1) Links, links, links & more links.

Google just love’s inbound links – links on other websites linking to yours. Basically the better the page rank that link to your website the better that link is. Google see it in a way that the more “powerful” websites have inbound links to yours the more “powerful” your website is view.
Another important tip to remember regarding links is to use keywords within your link. Those are much better than ordinary links. Example – if you have a site about wallpapers, instead of creating a link like www.mysite.com, you can create 3D abstract wallpapers with your site name linked within that.

#2) Content

Content – and lots of it. The more content you have the better! More importantly original content. Don’t create duplicate pages or pages stuffed with keywords (keyword stuffing), it will come back to bite you. Great, original content is what will drive more traffic to your site and ultimately help you better your website “relationship” with search engines. Remember don’t create content for search engines, create content for your users and the rest will follow.

#3) Keywords is the key

Keywords are what people type when searching for something, in other words the better your site focuses on a specific keyword the better your chance of people finding you. Make sure your content have sufficient keywords on the topic you are covering – normally about 4 – 5% would do the trick. If you don’t have a specific topic your site covers, you might even want to do research on popular keywords and base your content accordingly. But remember the more popular the keyword that you are targeting is the more difficult competing with the rest of the crowed will be. You can however consider choosing less popular keywords and targeting that. Go here for more on keywords.

#4) What’s the name

Page titles may not seem that important but don’t overlook it as something that can help your page rank in the long run.
- Be specific and provide an accurate as possible description of the page content.
- Each of your pages should ideally have unique titles.

*Avoid too long page titles.
*Don’t use generic titles such as page 1, or unnamed ect.
*Don’t stuff unrelated keywords in the title.

#5) Directions

The bigger your site the bigger the need for a site map. The search engine robots will find all your pages more efficiently. Google also want to know what roles pages play in the entirety of the site. All sites have a home page and think if you are a visitor to your own website if you can find your way around easily. Make it as simple as possible. If you can link pages to other pages within your site even better. Just don’t over do it.

*Don’t over complicate it.
*Don’t put content too “deep” that you need 10 000 clicks to reach it.

Follow these 5 tips and you should be off to a good start. These 5 tips is just to point you in the right direction and just scratch the surface of search engine optimization, the world of SEO goes much much deeper. Just remember there are loads you can do to help your site achieve a better ranking but keep to the “clean” tactics, as you don’t want to get banned – even worse that a page rank of 100.

To learn more about SEO and for my latest blog posts click here Best SEO Tricks


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excellent a great beginning here, and something I shall enjoying reading.

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Hi Rebecca E - glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for more on the same topic coming soon ;-)

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