6 Healthy Cooking Tips

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When there are long holidays or public holidays such as Christmas Day, Easter Day, Birthdays and the list goes on, it would not be complete without a delicious feast for friends and family members to gather together while having a good time catching up the latest news and gossips.

Healthy Cooking

Big feast needs lots of various quick and easy recipes, beverages for healthy eating that majority guests may like to eat and drink.

However, when you planning to cook, do bear in mind that in order to determine the nutrition value of every dish depends solely on the healthy preparation methods and healthy cooking methods that suit the recipes selected.

Here are 6 healthy cooking methods to go along with your healthy recipes:

#1 -Stewing

Stewing method helps to retain the ingredients nutrients in the sauces especially tasty meat and vegetable recipes

  • Use large, wide pot to allow heat to cook the ingredients evenly.
  • In order to reduce the nutrients from evaporating into the air, use tight-fitting lid with pot, preferably the heavy pots.
  • Use ready-mad stock or paste for a richer and tastier dish while saving time and fuel (Gas or electricity )

#2 - Roasting

Roasting is the perfect method for browning and creating a delicious crispy or crust on chickens, fish, turkeys, quails in an oven toaster or stove top.

  • Always start roasting the meat at high temperature to lock in the natural juice of the meat and then lower the heat until the meat are cooked or turn brownish in color.
  • Remove the brown rust for low calorie recipes before consuming.
  • Reduce the fats by brushing a little corn oil or butter on meats and vegetables.
  • Roast all types of meat with their own juices. Do not add any additional sauces or seasoning.


This is a wonderful method for cooking healthy dishes such as fish, chicken and tofu.

  • Use chicken stock or plain water with lemon for additional flavor.

  • Same as roasting method, begin steaming at high heat to seal in the juices before turning low heat until the meat or vegetables are soft and cooked.

  • Steaming vegetables able to keep them stay in shape and color.

  • Steaming also retains the natural nutrients and minimal loss of vitamins compare to deep fried.

#4- Boiling

Boiling is the best method for soups, pasta and vegetables with large amount of stock. It is the simplest method of cook.

  • When boiling meat soups, you may need a large amount of water to cook the meat. The longer time it boils, the meat becomes softer and tender to chew on.

  • Do not discard the excess cooking liquid. Safe it for later use for other recipes as healthy stock.

  • Boiling potato with skin is much better than peeling it off. Potato with skin is packed with vitamin B, provide extra energy from the protein nutrient.


Grilling is the most popular method used for barbecue parties and dinner feasts. Most people use charcoal, gas stove or oven toaster to grill meats and vegetables.

  • Before grilling, reduce the salt when marinating the meat as salt induces moisture and nutrients from the meats.

  • Thaw the frozen food thoroughly and avoid the excess fats from dripping onto the hot burning charcoal. This will release topic substance into the air.

#6- Stir frying

One of the most common method used in cooking Asian recipes with the wok or shallow pans. It uses less oil compare to deep frying method.

  • Use a non-stick pan, wok or shallow pan to reduce the amount of oil used.

  • Cut tender meat and vegetables thinly to ensure quick stir-frying.

  • DO not overcook or burn the food as it will absorb more oil.
  • My favorite Cooking Method

    Roasting method often used in large dinner feast such as Christmas and Easter Day.

    • Crispy on the outside, juicy tender meat inside.

    • Stir fry is the popular method for the Chinese families.

    • Quick and easy method to stir-fry thinly sliced meats and vegetables.

    • Uses less oil, healthier and delicious.

    • Grilling method is used in barbecue parties and indoor dinner recipes such as fish and all kinds of meat.

    • Very convenient, juicy and you will be burning off your calories when you sweat!!

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    peachpurple, thanks for sharing such a great article. I loved all the tips you shared. The pictures were awesome too. I have a wok that I've used for years. I love it. Smiles to you today and always!

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    thanks nancy, I use the wok and pots everyday without fail

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    Great tips. Now if they were all vegetarian. thanks for sharing.

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    thanks onenow, I will post more vegetarian recipes from now on

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