7 Causes of Hair Loss

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Hair loss can be caused by many things. Many people sometimes do not realize when daily activity could be the cause. Within a certain period only realized if the hair becomes brittle or even detached from its roots.

Hair loss can be triggered from the internal and external body issues. Here are seven triggers of hair loss that should be understood:

  1. Too often change hair styles. The frequent changing hair styles enables somebody would be interested in the roots of hair. It can make the hair brittle and broken.
  2. The use of chemicals and hair dryers. Polish your hair too often or wear chemical-based hair care products? Or frequently use a blow dryer? If the product does not fit can lead to fragility. As a result, the hair becomes easily separated. In addition, there are opportunities for damaged hair to use a hair dryer if done continuously.
  3. Effect of free radicals. Free Radical can be found from a variety of things. For Example is sun exposure, fatty foods, carcinogenic substances, and so on. Free radicals make cells undergo premature aging so that the function decreases. Including, free radicals and make the hair roots are not strong. Consumption of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis to prevent the bad influence of this substance.
  4. Heredity. If that is not inviolable anyone. If you have determined the genetic body that at certain times go bald, then it will happen. Genes from parents who experience hair loss problems in your body decreases.
  5. Effect of hormones. When the body's hormones out of balance resulting in various changes in the body, including hair loss problems. This happens when one of them a woman pregnant.
  6. Stress. Mental illness is known to carry a lot of bad influences on health. High blood pressure is one of them. Stress also affects the health of the hair with the appearance of gray hair or hair loss.
  7. Exposed to certain diseases. There are several diseases that affect hair loss, namely lupus and diabetes.


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