7 Easy Steps to Prevent infection by Malware

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7 Simple Steps to effictively guard your computer from malware...

7 Steps to Preventing Virus's or Malware

Step 1)
Install a Virus Scanner which shall regularly scan your computer and update its security.
Now whilst this sounds like common knowledge, most people do not have a decent virus scanner installed. When looking for a Virus scanner, actually go look for the big names such as Avast, AVG, Norton as they will have large databases to find viruses and/or malware and have the appropriate counter to those software.

Step 2)
Install a Anti Spyware/Malware software
Despite having a Virus Scanner, you still need a Anti Spyware or Malware software in order for your computer to get the most protection it can get, as these programs can help lesson the impact viruses can have onto your computer

Step 3)
Get a third Party Firewall
Whilst the Windows Firewall offers basic protection vs basic malware, most malware nowadays are built to resist this firewall, so having a third party firewall, who the malware creators are not expecting can prevent the malware from accessing the data.

Step 4)
Watch your downloads
As tempting as it may be, “questionably” legal copies of software found on the internet often contain more than what you originally intend, and are often packed full of viruses and malware. If you are going to download a file from the internet, download it from a trusted source or at least have the good sense to scan it for any pieces of data that shouldn't be there.

Step 5)
Scan before opening emails
Nowadays, most email clients scan emails before opening them, as it is very easy for a spammer to hide code within a attachment or within the HTML content of the email itself that will execute once opened, therefore scanning emails is highly recommended.

Step 6)
There's a reason why Microsoft, your anti virus client, Browser and Email clients release updates, namely to patch vulnerabilities within the software, so if they do release an update, actually make use of it.

Step 7)
Use Your Head
Arguably the most important reason, after all the vast majority of malware and viruses occur due to people clicking on links that they have no idea where they would lead and thereby ending up on websites which exploit their computer and end up installing malware on their computers.


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author avatar Ptrikha
11th Feb 2013 (#)

Using a good anti-virus, and opening and reading mails carefully, is the best way to ensure that our computers remain safe.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Feb 2013 (#)

It has become a daily battle between the good and the evil in cyberspace. Thanks for the tips - siva

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