8 Tips For A Greater Battery Lifespan

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Batteries is a vital part of a netbook and laptop, but, also. the most unreliable. these are some tips to extend the battery's lifespan.

Lithium-ion Batteries

The most unreliable part of a netbook or a laptop is its battery. These batteries are Lithium-ion (Li-Iion or LIB) rechargeable batteries, which lithium ions moves from the negative to the positive electrode to produce energy and in opposite direction when recharging.

Pros and cons

Let’s see why we use this type for netbooks and laptops. First of all, they are lighter, in comparison of other types of batteries, but with the same energy. Secondly, they have a mere 5-10% self-discharge rate - and that is about 50% less than others. Also, these batteries do not have a memory effect and can be produced in a large variety on size and shapes.

In disadvantages we have to note that a LIB can be overheated or overcharged. In addition, a deep discharge may short-circuit the cell. Although, to reduce the risks, batteries have several protection circuits.

Apart from these issues, a battery ages and, in addition of cycling (a cycle is a full recharge and a full discharge) will lose capacity. Also, the internal resistance increases over time and eventually, it cannot operate in the same duration, as used to.

Eight actions to keep a battery in good shape

But, yes, we can do a few things to make our beloved battery to last longer. These are;

• A full cycle, in the first use
• Recharge the Battery only when the laptop is turned off
• Detach the battery, when you do not use the laptop
• Detach the battery when you are using the laptop with the power supply
• Discharge the LIB, but never to deep
• After discharging, immediately recharge back
• Store the battery only in full charged state, and
• Do not use the battery when in extreme condition of temperature, both high and low

Keep in mind that is better when you recharge a battery, even if you do not have to, rather leave it discharged and certainly, do not leave the battery connected to the laptop, when you are not use it.

Finally, if you think that something goes wrong, detach the battery and the power supply, immediately.

I hope that these easy actions will prove useful and helpful.
Stay Safe


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