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Want to write another Wikinut article, but struggling for inspiration? Here's a list of ways to stimulate those little grey cells and generate some new ideas.

Current affairs

A great place to start is the entire planet - what's happening out there? Head to an online news site such as the BBC or Google News and see what's hot off the press.

Or just work through the supplements of your favourite weekend paper to see if there are any themes or fashions that you feel you can write about.

Online trends

Try taking ideas from the zeitgeist, a fancy word for the prevailing mood. Look at sites such as StumbleUpon for discovering emerging ideas, or check out Google Trends to see what people are searching for right now.

What do you enjoy?

It's always easiest to write about something that interests you, and having knowledge about a topic means you'll be sharing your knowledge with the reader. What hobbies do you have? What sports do you play? Do you like singing, driving, doing charity work, selling on Ebay?

Your family and friends

Everybody, and I mean everybody, has life experiences with their family or friends that if shared could help somebody else. How do you entertain the kids on a wet weekend? How did you help your teenager through exams? Do you know any good jokes for a best man speech? What did you say to your best friend to help them through their divorce...?

Review a product

Think about the things you've purchased recently. If you love a new album you bought, tell your readers why it's so good. Or maybe the thriller you bought to read on holiday was awful - so rant about it's shortcomings. Perhaps your brand new DVD player is even better than you'd expected, or that new sat nav a waste of money. Either way, spend a few minutes writing about it.

Wish you were here

Remember that great holiday you went on? Write about the hotel, the pool, the bars and restaurants you enjoyed. How about the sites and sounds, the museums, the shops, the beaches? Tell us the local knowledge you picked up, and the tourist scams to avoid.

Pass on your know how

Know a great trick to unblock a sink? Or peel an onion without crying? The web is full of people looking for guidance so share your tips and give them some solutions. DIY, cooking, pets, technology... you won't realise how much you know until you start writing it down.

Everybody loves a bargain

Found a top paying savings account? Heard about a great sale or offer? Maybe you've worked out a way to get cheaper train tickets by going a different route. Either way, we all want to save money and ironically your stinginess could earn you money!


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