9 Reasons Why You Need Help Assembling Furniture

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A visual explanation as to why most people shouldn't try assembling their own furniture.

Why You Need Help Assembling Furniture

The assembly guides for items furniture are often deceptive. Apparently simple instructions, along with illustrations that feature numbered parts and placement guides, may encourage you – but more often than not, the assembly process is less simple than it looks.

Here we’ve created a gallery to help convince you that getting help from a third party – like the retailer or a moving company – is a good idea when it comes to assembling furniture.

1 Missing screws...

Missing screws, broken parts or just the sheer frustration of failing at something that appears simple could account for this apparent disaster.

2 One hole too many

Common sense doesn’t always prevail. Whoever put this touch light up did a full perforation on his wall before realising that these things can be used just as effectively when laid flat.

3 Hammer on hand

When it comes to furniture assembly, there’s nothing more exhausting than getting things wrong. This girl's either tired or nursing a case of Ijusthitmyhandwithahammer-itis.

4 Furniture yoga

Shelving can be deceptively difficult to assemble, requiring that you get into some uncomfortable positions. This handyman may be in over his head.

5 Backrest blunder

When it comes to office furniture, it really is important to ensure you have an ergonomically designed, comfortable chair that provides proper back support. If you’re looking to keep your spine in good health, it’s best to have your chair assembled for you.

6 Skew symphony

To a vinyl LP collector, little is as satisfying as a well-stocked collection, neatly arranged alphabetically, by release date or by genre. Whoever tried to put this cube shelf system together must have missed a screw or two, or misread the maximum weight limit.

7 Bed dread

It looks like whoever tried to put this bed frame together gave up quickly. The solution to a newly purchased bed frame not fitting properly around your mattress? Just balance it on top!

8 Sitting pretty

It’s easier to make this kind of mistake than you might think. At least this girl's being a good sport about it. I imagine after a few more unsuccesful attempts she won't be as forgiving.

9 Picasso's chair

This chair could be featured in a Picasso still life. It always looks easy before you start! Worse comes to worst, if this never doesn't get assembled correctly it can just go in a modern art museum!

Swallow your pride

As we can see from the attempts above, furniture assembly is often something that’s best left to the professionals.


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