A Book of "Ists": Part I

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"...isms" are often the things people believe and the "...ists" are those who believe them. The first part of a series musing on some of the ones we know best.

A List of Some Ists

There are ideas and principles people believe and try to live by ("...isms") and there are the people who ascribe to these beliefs ("...ists.")

Philosophies and beliefs are not always supported by reason and logic although those who ascribe to them would routinely insist otherwise. It it as if what we believe turns out to be the cornerstone of what we come to regard as "knowledge," rather than the other way around.

What follows is the first installment of some personal and flowing free-verse musings about some of the "...ists" I have known.

The Pragmatist

The pragmatist, smile free
But smirk covered,
Boasts of reducing disappointment
By expecting less.
There is no firm floor
And the ceiling continues to fall.
Doing what is necessary
Rarely anything more
Unhindered by either humor
Or humanity.

The Optimist

The optimist, smile set
With denial running higher
Than the river in Egypt
Takes pleasure in an adequate outcome,
Proclaiming any survived loss
A sweeping victory.
Well suited to the
Politically ambitious,
The charmingly naïve
And the purveyors of hope.

The Pessimist

The pessimist expects
Nothing at all
And cries within with
Ongoing disappointment in
And everyone;
Nothing hoped,
Nothing lost.
The fatalist begins
At the end
Leaving nowhere to go
But backwards
Or inwards
To a page already read
In a room without windows.

The Socialist

Insists on equality
And equity
Until s/he realizes
That someone else
Has accrued
Good intentions
Flawed by humans
As is every system
Devised and mounted
Ultimately corrupted
By inescapable

How We See Things

The optometrist works to adjust
And improve vision correction-
As does the Ophthalmologist,
And psychotherapist.
Things change less
Than the way
We are apt
To perceive them;
Old pictures
Or lenses
In new frames.

We are All "Ists."

Where would we be
And how would the world look
All the ‘ists?’
Cloudy and vague
Black, white and gray
Just good and bad days
Without life
Without vitality
Without the perennially uncomfortable
But necessary challenge
To see things
As they really are.


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Clinical Social Worker (Psychotherapist), humorist, poet and musician, Born in Boston and a relatively unscathed survivor of the 60's.
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author avatar Teila
29th Mar 2012 (#)

This is awesome! Enjoyed

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
29th Mar 2012 (#)

It was fun to write and. I am planning sequels.. I hope they are enjoyed!

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author avatar M G Singh
29th Mar 2012 (#)

Excellent page Sir. Well written

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
29th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you, David. I have been looking through the list of all the words ending in " ist".
I look forward to your next page.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
29th Mar 2012 (#)

Interesting and new windows for me to look through. Thank you very much.

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author avatar Buzz
29th Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks, David. I love seeing or listening to you as a vocalist, too.:)

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author avatar Jack Wellman
29th Mar 2012 (#)

You have summed up the consumate of all humanities here David. There is just something special about your insight that makes me come up with a new "ism." Davidism....means brilliant! :-)

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
29th Mar 2012 (#)

...aw, Jack..Thanks

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author avatar Val Mills
30th Mar 2012 (#)

This was fun to read and thought provoking at the same time. Look forward to the next one.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
30th Mar 2012 (#)

Most interesting ists...so very well explained and yes thought provoking too..thank you

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author avatar NancyG in TN
30th Mar 2012 (#)

You are always such a good writer, David!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
5th Apr 2012 (#)

Great wit and wisdom David!...

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author avatar Sheila Newton
9th Apr 2012 (#)

Completely and utterly brilliant. I'm definitely a Reinstein-ist!! And what a worthy star page too.

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