A Brief Guide to Cameras

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The digital camera is an essential bit of kit for photography. They can come in various shapes and sizes, but none of them require any film. Film-based cameras are now outdated, and digital cameras have exciting new photography options.

Memory Cards

Digital cameras date back to the '70, although it was not until the late 1980s that digital cameras really replaced film cameras. These early digital cameras had smaller memory cards for the photo storage. Gradually, memory card sizes have expanded so that more photos can be now be stored with the camera. The memory card slots into the camera card slot, and can be removed and replaced if required.

LCD Digital Camera Options

Another of the big new additions for digital cameras was that of the LCD. An LCD is that of a small liquid crystal display which might be 2.8 inches or greater. The liquid crystal display can display all the photos that you have taken with the camera, and some cameras may include some basic photo editing options for those photos that are displayed. You can flick through the photos you have taken, and also delete any if required.

Best shot options are another of the great options that a number of digital cameras include. A best shot option is one in which you can select from a variety of photo modes. These photo modes can be for portrait, landscape, nature, sport, fireworks, retro and indoor photos. When selected they configure the camera settings for the specific photo mode.

In addition to this, quite a few modern digital cameras include video options. With the video options limited duration videos can be recorded with the camera. Then they can be played back with the camera's LCD.

The Different Cameras & Models

There are different types of digital cameras. They include the small and more portable compact digital cameras which are almost pocket sized cameras. Generally, these are slightly more basic digital cameras compared to the larger higher-end bridge cameras and can be budget alternatives. Some of these bridge cameras can include a 3-D photo mode. DSLR (Digital Single-lens Reflex Cameras) are another type of camera which have interchangeable lenses. In addition to these cameras a number of mobile phones can also have their own basic digital camera options, and so they are undoubtedly the smallest digital cameras. Typical camera models include Kodak, Casio, Sony and Samsung cameras.

Digital Camera Specifications

Most digital cameras of today include an optical zoom for Macro Photography. An optical zoom is a zoom option with which you can zoom in closer for a photo. Check out the packaging of a digital camera box and take note of the optical zoom details which usually include a number such as 15x zoom. The higher this specification the more you can zoom in with the camera.

In addition to this, megapixel specification details may also be included on the camera packaging. The megapixel number is an industry standard specification for image resolution. The higher the megapixel specification the greater the camera's photo resolution.

Camera Battery and the USB Cradle

All digital cameras require a battery which is usually included with them. A camera battery will eventually run out and need to be replaced. That is unless you have a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cradle & charger for the camera. This will recharge the camera's battery, and it can also connect with desktop or laptop USB ports. Then you can also add your photos to them with various software packages.

Developing Digital Photos

To have your digital photos developed, you will need to have a suitable memory card. Then remove this memory card from the camera and take it to a photography kiosk. Somewhere like a Kodak outlet will surely have a photo kiosk. Insert the card into a suitable card slot, and then select the photos to develop and a photo size for them.

Today there's a variety of digital cameras with which you can take some great photos for yourself and others. To find a suitable digital camera check out digital camera reviews. As a starting point, this digital camera website is worth noting.


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