A Brief Reading For Singapore For The Month of June

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A quick and dirty reading for Singapore, the little island nation with big potential.

Singapore in June

Welcome back once again, ladies and gentlemen!

I am giving a reading to another nation, today. This time, it is the nation of Singapore, a small island nation just south of Malaysia. Once again, I use a comprehensive system of oracles (I always use at least three,) and work to take the results and include them into a reading which covers the “psychic weather forecast” or the “trend” of the month in question. Without stalling for further time, let’s have a look!

June promises an interesting, yet challenging month for the nation of Singapore, with a psychic trend centering on an interesting combination of energies. The predominant energetic trend appears to demand a focus on hard work and dedication. This type of vibration (I hate words like this) is very nose-to-the-grindstone, but its purpose seems to be mostly about cleansing. Secondary influences are those of an introspective nature, and of family.

The introspective trend shows that time will/should be spent focusing on the stuff in one’s own backyard. Open the machine up and have a look at all the fiddly bits inside, give it a tune-up if it needs it. It also offers the possibility of important events in scientific fields taking place.

The familial trend typically specifies the importance of spending time with those closest to us, when it crops up in a forecast. In the case of a nation, this would be closer to looking out for the citizens who make up the body of a country, acting as one vast family by virtue of nationality. I’m not trying to kick up nationalistic fervor, simply stating what I picked up.

Now, when these individual pieces are put together, a larger image emerges for the month of June. Hard work and dedication will become a necessity during June for the nation of Singapore, and it will need to be directed toward internal affairs. Health and law enforcement-related areas may need extra attention this month, but it will be worth the effort expended in the long run.

Incidentally, if you are currently living or traveling in Singapore this month, you may want to take extra precautions with your health. All of the standard, common sense stuff applies, but expect the unexpected (it’s not like you can see a virus or bacteria coming at you, full speed.) Make a point of engaging in a bit of daily exercise and be sure to eat properly. Also, be doubly sure to obey local laws and ordinances, and try to avoid misunderstandings that may lead to legal issues. This is all quite common sense stuff, and applies everywhere, but be certain to take it extra seriously in June.

Would you be interested in seeing (and perhaps reading) booklets carrying oracular forecasts for various countries? Let me know in the comment box below!


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