A Brief Reading for Nigeria, Month of June

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A brief "horoscope" for Nigeria in the month of June.

A quick introduction

Riveting title, isn’t it? We’re trying something different this time at Oracular Ravings (ha-ha, just like always!) In the spirit of experimenting, in honor of Nigeria’s recent election (like, yesterday morning,) and my own glory-seeking tendencies… I’m offering up a sort of forecast of the psychic weather for Nigeria. I pulled out a few of my favorite oracles, did some calculations, and combined it with the intuitive flashes that tend to show up thanks to a strict meditation and prayer regiment. I didn’t get into the specific cities, this is just a reading for the overall nation of Nigeria.

The Prediction

This month promises plenty of introspection for the nation of Nigeria. With the nation's first democratic election (and subsequent swearing-in of Executive President Muhammadu Buhari as president,) this will likely take place as an assessing of infrastructure and ferreting out any potential problems within the system. With a keen eye facing inward, such issues will be dealt with in a reasonable amount of time, allowing the entirety of the operation to run much more smoothly. With Executive President Buhari's goals in mind, there is a definite possibility of this internal focus being used to build stronger bridges within the country, helping to further unify the nation. It also lends well to finding sickness within the body, so to speak, allowing tumors to be removed before they become malign (or preventing the spread of the cancer if it has already done so.) Recommendation: Consolidate your forces, examine yourself carefully, and focus with the intensity of a thousand sons on your goals.

The month of June also offers an interesting possibility regarding spiritual and scientific matters. The year itself promises plenty of firsts for the African nation, and combined with the promises of June, we may see investigations into new technological fields for Nigeria. It seems further investigations into solar and wind power would prove most fruitful. As 2015 offers the promise of new avenues, this might be a fine time to start a gradual shift from internal reliance on oil and fossil fuels to the above-mentioned alternatives. I’m not pushing a greenie-weenie message, it’s just a fact that if something’s causing trouble, it’s time to replace it/kick it out. Maybe touch base with Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, and see if he can’t offer some advice. I’m not an expert on sustainable fuel sources, I just do weird stuff and find out neat things that tend to be really useful.


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author avatar The Divine Mr. R.
The Divine Mr. R. is an intuitive reader, writer, and Urban Shaman from the Ohio Valley. He will be writing about divination, the paranormal, and chiming in with advice.

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author avatar WOGIAM
30th May 2015 (#)

I hope your predictions come true for that Country, we need more positve results to keep people from losing all hope.

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author avatar The Divine Mr. R.
30th May 2015 (#)

It will be a good month for Nigeria, should the right people note the opportunities I have pointed out and act upon them. This was a very broad forecast, and local peculiarities in particular cities will still apply. Keep faith, and make sure this gets to the right people.

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