A DIY guide to garden clearances

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When a garden has been left for too long, it often becomes overgrown and in need of a clean-up. Garden clearances are a great way to get your garden back into shape by trimming the hedges, removing the weeds, mowing the lawn and throwing away the rubbish. This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about a DIY garden clearance.

What tools will you require?

No garden clearance is the same, and the tools that you will require are likely to vary between different gardens. If you have a large hedge that needs to be trimmed, you will need a hedger, but if you have an overgrown lawn, you will need a lawn mower.

There are a number of helpful tools that will make light work of your garden clearance. The most common tools include:

Chainsaw – Not often required on a regular or ongoing basis, chainsaws are useful when larger shrubs, branches and trees need to be removed.
Whipper Snipper/String Trimmer/Weed Whacker – They are known by many names around the world, but these handy tools are great for any number of jobs, from achieving the perfect lawn edges to getting control of wildly overgrown grass.
Lawn Mower – Perhaps one of the most widely owned garden maintenance tool, they are used to cut grass into a uniform length.
Hedger – When hedges are overgrown, they can be reshaped with a hedger. They are also available in pole hedger form, which provide extra reach.
Pruners – A useful hand tool, which can be used for more delicate work, when a power tool may not be appropriate.
Wheelbarrow – When you have a large garden, and need to move the waste from one location to another, a wheelbarrow will make your garden clearance a lot easier.
Rake – Rakes can be used to quickly collect your waste into convenient piles.
Brush – The job isn’t complete until the garden and paths are clean and free of waste. You can use a brush to sweep down the paths and hard surfaces.
Spades & Shovels – When it comes to digging, a shovel or spade will make the job a lot easier.
Blower – When you have large area to clean up, a blower can make your job a lot easier and faster.
Gloves & Protective Clothing – Unfortunately, garden waste can often be extremely sharp. To protect yourself, gloves and protective clothing are always a good idea. Protective glasses or masks should be worn when operating powered tools, such as a chainsaw.

If you do not have all of the tools you will need to complete the garden clearance, you have a number of options. You can either borrow, hire or buy the tools required.

Borrowing tools is a great option when you know someone who has the tools that you need. Borrowing tools is best suited for items that you do not require on a regular basis, such as a chainsaw. If your friends do not have the tools you need, you can even try social sharing sites.

Hiring tools can be affordable, especially if you only need them for a short hire period, such as a weekend. There are several well stocked tool hire locations available in most residential areas, and you should be able to hire exactly what you need.

If you will be carrying out work on a regular basis, such as trimming the hedges so they keep their shape or mowing the lawn, buying your required tools may be the best option, and will be more affordable than regularly hiring the tools.

How long will it take?

The length of time it will take to clear your garden will depend on the size of your garden, and the amount of waste that you need to clear. The tools you use are also likely to influence the time the job takes.

A larger garden may not necessarily take longer to clear than a smaller garden. The contents of your garden clearance are important, as cutting down grass from a larger time will often take less time than removing weeds and hedging in a smaller garden.

Using power tools will ensure that your garden clearance is completed faster, and also with less effort than with hand tools. For example, cutting through a branch with a chainsaw will only take seconds, compared to several minutes with a handsaw.

What waste disposal solution is best?

When undertaking a garden clearance, you will produce waste. Some gardens will produce more than others, so it is important to consider the type and amount of waste, when deciding what waste disposal option may be best for you. There are 4 popular options available, including using your own vehicle, waste bags, skip hire and rubbish removal teams.

If you are fortunate enough to have a van or trailer (or can borrow one), you will be able to take your waste down to the local tip or recycling centre. There is often a fee for disposing your waste, but this is often one of the cheapest waste disposal methods, and is suitable for smaller gardens.

Waste bags can be purchased at most hardware stores, and provide the convenience of being filled as the waste is created. They can be easily manoeuvred around the garden, and are available in a range of sizes. They are suitable for most small to medium sized garden clearances. Once full, waste bags are collected by a grab truck.

For larger garden clearances, you may require a dumpster (also known as a skip). They are delivered by a truck, and there are a wide range of different skip sizes, from small mini bins to large roll-on roll-off containers. Dumpsters provide the convenience of on-site waste disposal, and rubbish can be thrown away as it is created. This method of waste disposal is also environmentally friendly, with high levels of recycling taking place after the container has been collected.

Rubbish removal teams are also suitable for larger garden clearances. Once all of your waste has been created, they will arrive with a truck and remove all of the rubbish from your property. You only pay for the waste they take away, which means you do not have to estimate the waste bag or dumpster size you require, and can save you money. Although rubbish removal teams do not provide the convenience of disposing of the waste as it is created, the team will do all the heavy lifting to get the truck loaded with your waste.

Tips & Advice

- It is easier to maintain a garden then perform a garden clearance, so once you have finished your clean up, stay on top regular maintenance.
- For small amounts of garden waste, many councils and local authorities provide garden waste bins and bags
- There are a number of ways to tackle weeds naturally.
- If you are carrying out the garden clearance in the warmer months, remember to keep hydrated, and also protected from the sun.
- If DIY isn't for you, you can bring in professional gardeners to clear out your garden, although this does cost considerably more than the DIY approach.


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