A Dozen Tips to Make the First Dating Successful

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Dating is really a challenging experience. It can be well planned at made a successful memory of life. You need not be annoyed at stories of failures. Some tips can make your dating more memorable and fun.

A Dozen Tips to Make the First Dating Successful

Valentine Day is fast approaching. Your heart is filled with pleasant throbbing for your Prince of Charm! You may be excited about your first dating. You do not want anything to go wrong and you will be looking forward for a perfect date. You dream to impress him with your compelling charm, confident personality and convincing intelligence. You are also eager to know him more.

The first should be the best

You can make your first dating a perfect one, ensuring that it will be followed by many more successful dates. As you dream the dates that follow, keep in mind that the first date is what remains the most important of all. Consider the following tips and follow them to make your first date a perfect one. They will help you to make the initial chemistry bloom into an enduring relationship.

A dozen tips to make your first date a success

1) Be punctual

Reach the meeting spot on time. It will show that you are sincere in all your efforts. Just as you are, your Prince also might be feeling nervous and making him wait for you will not be good. Waiting for partner is always irritating.

2) Do not go with a stranger

Be sure that the person you are going to date is familiar with you in some way. Or make sure to inform somebody you can rely on and avoid ‘blind dates’.

3) Be honest

Honesty is the best policy. Being true to you is the best way to make the first impression great and successful. Do not try to hide anything and embarrass yourself. Be open-hearted and honest to your partner and try to get to know about each other in a better way. Even if you have some bad habits make him aware of them.

4) Be confident

Half-heartedness in dating will not work. Of course, nervousness may be unavoidable in the first meet. It happens to every one. But make sure that it does not absolutely spoil your special occasion. Just relax and try to enjoy the company very casually. No one is a dating expert; even the most beautiful and well-to-do people struggle with matters of the heart.

5) Get prepared for dating

If you really want to succeed in your dating game, be ready to commit to that experience. Join a gym or club, read health magazines, get fit and start a diet which can prepare you for a good dating. Get your hair cut or styled and begin a new regime of good grooming or beauty treatment and prepare yourself physically and mentally. Start attending social functions frequented by singles to pick out opportunities for a good date.

6) Take some flowers with you

It will be nice if you take some flowers with you or offer something made by you for your partner. It will create an optimistic impression about your care for him.

7) Pay attention to your looks

Your personal appearance matters very much in dating. Dress in a decent way and do not wear flimsy clothes or dark make up. Never try to show off. Choose colors which enhance your appearance. It may be good if you choose a tantalizing perfume to seduce your partner. A good posture is a must for an impressive get-up.

8) Choose safe topics for talk

You can choose some safe topics that may be interesting to your partner. Be polite and casual even your partner talks something you may not like and try to ignore it by your smile or clear it in an honest way, decently.

9) Be a good listener

Being a good listener is the successful part of any conversation. It is not good to remain silent; but remember, it is worse to talk continuously, without paying heed to your partner’s emotions. Be polite and remember to ask questions. That encourages listening. Laugh, smile, be attentive, radiate positive energy and most of all try to look like you are having fun.

10) Avoid ex-factor, if there is any

It is a common mistake that some lovers do when they talk repeatedly about their ex-partners. Nothing is more annoying than listening to such ex-stories. Just pay attention to the date you are on and forget about previous episodes.

11) Be open and friendly but not too much

Do not overindulge in anything. It is always dangerous. Never make yourself cheap and too available. Treat your date with respect and interest so that your partner will be happy to see you again. Be yourself and expose your real personality to impress your date.

12) Never try to splurge

Spend within your budget. Do not try to impress with your money. Instead of an expensive gift buy a good card, a red rose or a few chocolates.


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