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Yahoo! Mail is one of the Web mail alternatives for email. Register with Yahoo and you can then send and receive emails with Yahoo! Mail. Overall, it has a good variety of options for email.

The Inbox

The Inbox is where your emails are saved. Here you can select an email to open. To delete an email from the inbox check the checkbox to the left of the email and then select delete. This will remove the email from your inbox.

Sending Emails with Yahoo! Mail

To begin drafting a new email you should select the compose message option which is on the left side above the inbox option. Or alternatively, you can press the shortcut key N. When you have pressed the N key the email drafting tools will be displayed. You can also reply directly to emails by selecting the reply to option at the top of any email in your inbox.

Yahoo! Mail has a few formatting options for emails which you can be selected from the font tab. For example, you can select from a few alternative fonts when you select the font drop down menu on the left side. There are also alternative font sizes options, bold, italic and underline. There is also a list option which adds bullet point lists to the email. At the far right side of the formatting option is that of the spell check which will highlight miss spelt words.

Two additional tabs are also included. If you select the emoticon tab you can add a variety of emoticons to your email. In addition to this, there is the file attachment tab which you can select to add further document attachments to your email.

You can save any email as a draft when you select save as draft. This way you can return to the email later. Select drafts under the inbox which includes all saved email drafts. If the email is finished then select the send option at the top left of the email draft.


You can also add emails address to your address book. Just select the contacts option from the Yahoo! Mail. Then select the new contact option and you can input a name and email address along with other further details if required.

The Search Box

Yahoo! Mail includes a search box with for either your email or the Web. Input a suitable keyword, and then select either the search email or search Web option.

Other Options

Aside from email, Yahoo! Mail also includes other options. For example, Yahoo! Mail includes a calendar option, notepad for notes and edit photos which has image editing options. These are included further down the left sided menu. You can also select from a variety of Yahoo themes when you select options at the top of the Yahoo! Mail page, and then themes.

For further details on Yahoo! Mail go to the Yahoo website. Register with the website and then select the mail option from Yahoo sites.


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