A June Forecast For Indonesia

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A slightly late forecast for the psychic weather of Indonesia, plus divination with playing cards.


Today I will be offering up the reading done for the country of Indonesia for the month of June (yes, I know I’m late, I got backed up.) This reading is a mixture of intuitive impressions and a playing card reading. Standard fare, three cards plus one for elaboration along with the odd impressions I pick up during a card reading.

If the nation had a collective palm, I’d have been happy to read it. Now, onto the meat of it…

The month of June will be a dangerous one for the small island nation. The overall psychic trend for the month is one which encourages conclusions. For the average Indonesian citizen or traveler, now is a good time to wrap up projects of all sorts. On the macro level of the country, something big is happening which encourages a conclusion to previous patterns of behavior. This is backed up by the sub-trend which reveals a sort of disharmonious harmonic, if that makes any sense. It’s basically saying there is chaos, but growth will be the result of this chaos.

The Reading With Playing Cards

The cards:

Spread: Standard three-card spread.
Question: What can the nation of Indonesia expect during the month of June, 2015?
Cards: King of Spades, Ten of Hearts, King of Diamonds.
Extended elaborative card: Nine of Hearts.

The placement of the cards, the King of Spades, Ten of Hearts, and King of Diamonds reveals an interesting, though somewhat disturbing, sub-trend. The King of Spades typically represents a powerful man with a merciless streak and a thirst for power, usually at the expense of the common good. The Ten of Hearts shows the usual “all’s well that ends well” type of thinking. Happy families gathered around tables or similar, enjoying a good life together. It’s the happy ending type of card. It also means fire, which can cook the food for the table, or which can spew from the mouth of a horrible, lava-drenched mountain. The King of Diamonds reveals a financial institution, usually, and may even include government institutions.

Placed as a whole, a destructive force of no small power and a legitimate institution are locked in battle over how the story will end for the nation of Indonesia. Not only could this imply the force of nature that is the volcano which threatens the lives of the Indonesian people, it also likely means the criminal powers that come to take advantage when disasters strike. Multiple meanings always show up in the cards, and in this case, it means the government of Indonesia must be cunning and quick, and so must the average citizen. Take help where it can be found, and it may arrive from the most unlikely of places. It is likely, from the card drawn for clarification, however, that things are heading south fast.

Either way, something is going to blow and something has to give. This is doubly compounded by the card drawn for elaboration, which is the Nine of Hearts. Typically, the Nine of Hearts means something like establishing a new family or starting up a new home. In this case, it’s a move that is unlikely to have been planned for by anybody. In short, a dramatic increase in the number of refugees. Putting this information all together, I would say the authorities are right to have posted that volcano on the highest possible alert, and it will probably go up by the end of the month.

To everyone in Indonesia: Be safe, our prayers are with you.


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