A Muslim Proverb vs. Christ's Views

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The contrast in beliefs between the Muslim outlook and that of Christ is demonstrably different.

A Muslim Proverb vs. Christ's Views

This Muslim proverb seems quite cynical to me. What do you think?

“If you hear that a mountain has moved, believe

but if you hear that a man has changed his

character, believe it not.”

One of the many times quoted sayings of Christ is that if one has the faith as small as a mustard seed, he can say to a mountain “get up and move to the sea” and it would be done. He seems to use a superlative to make his point. This proverb seizes on the saying as something that is easier to believe than believing that a person has changed in character.

When we look at a few people Jesus encounters in the scriptures, his outlook is very different from the cynicism of the proverb that tells us a person cannot change. There is the woman caught in adultery that the Pharisees brought to him hoping to trap him. When they demanded that he judge her, he simply wrote something in the sand that made those who were ready to stone her turn away. He then took her by the hand, asked her who condemned her and she realized there was no one there to harm her. Jesus told her to go and not sin any more. Tradition has it that the woman became one of the closest friends of Jesus, Mary Magdalen.

Another person who changed was the tax collector, Matthew who told Jesus that if he had cheated anyone, he would pay them back double. Tax collectors were known to cheat people. That’s why people hated them. This guy changed so much that he gave up his profession and followed Jesus. He became an apostle and eventually, one of the great saints of Christianity.

Jesus asks us not to judge people. That is a really wise thing when trying to spread peace. When people don’t feel judged, they are able to respond without becoming defensive. Defensiveness makes for hard feelings and many times trouble. The lack of judgement is a way of trusting people and can often bring change.

The love that Jesus taught his friends is the kind of accepting love that can allow a person to turn around from past ways or as preachers put it: REPENT. It is that repentance and grace that comes with it that brings about a difference in a person that the Muslim proverb would deny.

Read more: http://relijournal.com/religion/a-muslim-proverb-vs-christs-views/#ixzz29uNTdI00


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