A Quick "Horoscope" For June

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A brief series of forecasts for the month of June, 2015 using the zodiac as my focus.

Opening, and The First Half

Another experimental forecast using a mixed media of oracles and sciences. The traditional western zodiac was used to act as a “target” for each calculation and casting. To include everything that I had done would likely have taken up a couple dozen pages, so I did my best to condense the end result of the nested projections into one, easy-to-read/digest page with a few lines each.

Aries: June is looking to be an interesting month for you. A month of reevaluation and completion for the ram, so that old projects may be finished, and new ones begun. If something has outlasted its usefulness, make a point of getting rid of it this month. Incidentally, take the time to bury the hatchet with that certain someone who has been driving you up a wall. You'll be glad you did.

Taurus: The bull will have need of his horns this month, as there will be obstacles in your path. June will place demands on what skills and talents you possess, but it will be a fine month to start fresh, likely in a pursuit which relies on the mind. A masculine figure of some importance kept cropping up, and may contribute greatly to your fresh start.

Gemini: A fine month for twins, and one which will expect more and encourage more from you. Take the opportunity to channel your inspiration and lead by example (hopefully, a good one.) Your emotional life may grow considerably deeper than you would expect this June. It might be wise to stretch yourself a little, and take on a bit more by way of leadership. You can do it.

Cancer: The crabs out there can expect a good month to let their hair down a bit. Desire for domestic security is likely to give way to curiosity with good results (just keep your wits about you.) Pleasure will trump work in the month of June, so go enjoy yourself a bit. Call it a summer break, if you'd like.

Leo: The lion will need to head out on the hunt more than usual, this month, if he is to have any success. Keep your claws sharp and stay hungry, and you will have a nice, solid foundation for the months ahead for material success. The color green kept cropping up during the investigations for this month, and there is a strong probability it is connected in some way to the challenges which are set before you. Keep an eye open, rise to meet these challenges and the rewards will be yours.

Virgo: A good month to basically “go play” for our Virgo friends out there. It is a decent month for risk-taking, and the freedom that entails. If you gain nothing else, it will be a new-found confidence in yourself. As an aside, make a point of standing up for the underdog this month, it'll pay off for you in the end. While you're at it, stop by at your church (or temple, or mosque, or circle, etc.) A bit of spiritual guidance will be really helpful.

Second Half, and Some Parting Words

Libra: Libras take note, June is the month for you to handle some family business! That does not necessarily mean the same as “get your affairs in order,” mind you. It does, however, mean that you should take some time out to hang out with your family. Take your mother to lunch (or at least give her a call,) and get to know your loved ones all over again. It's also a good month for lovers, it would seem.

Scorpio: A month of not only introspection, but a mustering of forces for the scorpion. Your mind is your stinger and your shell, and June is a good month indeed to prepare both. Tackle the riddles in your life, grow knowledgeable (or more so) in a technical skill, or take a walk on the stranger side and delve into more spiritual matters. Whatever you choose, integrate what you have learned fully, as it will serve you well in the future, if you let it.

Sagittarius: June will be a good time to take that personable nature common to Sagittarians and use it in the business arena. You should really expand your career network, maybe focus on those a couple of ranks above you. It looks like a Leo will be influential for you this month, so keep an eye peeled!

Capricorn: You have been quite serious lately, my goat-inclined readers, and it is really starting to show. Being a workaholic is a real thing, and it gets scary. Worse still, it has an effect on those around you (it's like drinking, but less fun and more headaches!) Take some time to step back, and spend that time with those closest to you.

Aquarius: Water-bearers, you may find yourself asking a lot of difficult questions in June. Worse still, they'll likely be directed at yourself. Take a little “me time” this month and hash some stuff out, it'll be better for you if you do, in the long run. If you need to, dig until you hit bed rock. If it comes down to that, it's probably going to suck, but you'll be better for it.

Pisces: This month will be one in which fish should buy and spend! You'll likely have a run of good luck in the financial arena during June, if you buy something, it'll be for a bargain. It might be a busy month at work for you, as well. Expect some pressure, but it will be worth it.

I may continue these experiments, just because they allow such deep exploration. The hardest part is making the end result digestible to a wide variety of readers.


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7th Jun 2015 (#)

Another interesting share. Blessings.

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