A Review of the Honda Accord Hybrid

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It doesn't take a genius to figure out the appeal of the Honda Accord Hybrid! With gas prices running at the mid to high price range, and the economy in the toilet. Consumers have a tight grip on their wallets.
The Honda Accord Hybrid gives you that one extra place (gasoline), where tight gripped consumers can keep a few extra bucks in their wallets. Let's review the Honda Accord Hybrid shall we?

What makes the Honda Accord so special?

First, let's take a step back in history. Back in 1976, the engineers at Honda had an idea in their heads (maybe even on paper!) of a mid size sedan that could compete in the American market. Enter Honda Accord! (cheap Bruce Lee reference there!) The brand new vehicle from Honda had the price tag, features and looks that would appeal to American buyers, and also auto buyers from around the world. That is just what this new vehicle from Honda did too.... sell! In 1982 Honda Accord became the first Japanese vehicle to be produced in America.

Let's go ahead and jump to 2004 and the new Honda Accord Hybrid vehicle.

Honda Accord Goes Hybrid

In 2004, Honda made the change to Hybrid vehicles in their Accord model for the United States. This new Accord hybrid vehicle had the same displacement as the regular Honda Accord V6 motor, but the engine in the Hybrid vehicle version came from the 2005 Honda Odyssey minivan and has the ability to shut off 3 of it's 6 cylinders under certain conditions for better fuel economy. Honda named this technology Variable Cylinder Management or VCM for short!

Here is a video review of the Honda Accord Hybrid vehicle.

Just because Honda is not making the Honda Hybrid vehicle anymore, doesn't mean you can't still purchase one for yourself. Many of these vehicles are going on the used car market as I type this. Making the Honda Accord Hybrid a very popular used vehicle!

Buy a Used Honda Accord Hybrid

The last of these hybrid vehicles were produced in 2008. Making them hugely popular as used vehicles in 2010. These hybrid vehicles from Honda have only begun to live out the lifetime! Making them the perfect used vehicle to buy. Let someone else pay that sticker price, and you get a great deal with a used Honda Accord Hybrid vehicle.

You can still buy a brand new 2010 Accord, they just wont be the Hybrid version!


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Great article. Congrats on the star, it is well deserved.
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Great car to look out for . thank you for sharing

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