A Step by Step Guide to Posting on Tumblr

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A guide on how to create and publish a text post on Tumblr, complete with screen shots.

Welcome to Tumblr

1. Log into your Tumblr account using your e-mail address and password.

Once logged in you will be directed to your dashboard which serves as you homepage while on Tumblr. It is from here you can view posts by others, check your messages and create your own posts.

2. To create your own post you first need to locate the row of seven icons at the top of the page, these are your options for what type of post you can create. Keep in mind what it is you wish to post, for example a piece of text or a photograph, then click on the relevant icon.

In this tutorial I will focus on posting a text based post. The most obvious choice for this is the first icon called 'Text'. Text can be used in any of the other options but are limited. For writing a blog entry for example, 'Text' is your best option.

Creating a Text Post

3. Once you have clicked on the icon you are taken to the 'Add a Text Post' page. First of all, you will see there is a box for your title of the post at the top and then the main box below it for your main body of text.

This is where you type what it is you wish to post. You do not have to use a title but obviously it would improve your blog as others could identify quickly what it is the post is about. You are able to also use HTML coding by clicking on the 'HTML' icon found in the 'Post' box, as well as the option to upload pictures to your post. Just because it is a text post does not mean it is limited to just text. You can also include .gif files although these are best hosted elsewhere due to .gif limitations on Tumblr. I suggest Photobucket or Imageshack, both are free and easy to use.

4. In the right hand side of the page you will notice a column with many different smaller boxes in it.

'Post To' - Use this drop down menu to select which box it is you wish this particular post to be on. For most this will be just 'my blog' and this is the default option. However for those with multiple accounts, this is how you switch between them while posting.

'Publish Now' - This is the default option as to when you wish this post to be published online. The options include, 'add to queue', 'publish on...', 'save as draft' and 'private'. Your queue will add all your posts you select with this option into a queue and post each one in order according to how often you wish for them to be posted. This is a great option for someone who wishes their blogs to be updated regularly but do not always have the time. Instead Tumblr can do that for you. 'Publish on...' gives you a similar option, giving you the chance to set at what time and date you wish that post to published. If your post isn't quite ready yet then saving it as a draft is your best option or if you wish for no one to see it at all, then 'private' is best.

'Post Date' - This will mostly read "now" if publish now is selected.

'Content Source' - If you want to credit a source for you post then use this box. Simply type in the web address in here and the link will be noted at the bottom of your published post.

'Tags' - These are important as this is how other people on Tumblr will find your post. Just type in keywords that describe your post hitting the return key after use word/phrase. These words will then appear in small green boxes and are officially tags. You may remove any of these by clicking the 'x' next to each of the individual tags.

'Set a Custom Post URL' - This is where you are able to set a customized URL for that particular post.

'Send to Twitter' - If you have connected your twitter account with your Tumblr then by clicking this option you will have an announcement sent through twitter about your newly published post on Tumblr. This will include a link to the post and it is a good way of letting your followers on twitter aware of your Tumblr and your updates.

'Let People Photo Reply' - Others on Tumblr are able to reply to the posts you published, however this option gives them more freedom with it. If you click this then they are not limited to using just text in their replies but are also able to use images.

Publishing Your Post

5. Now you have completed your text post and selected all the options you want, it is time to publish you post. Below the main text box there are three buttons, 'Create Post', 'Preview' and 'Cancel'.

'Create Post' - Click this and your post will be published in accordance with how you have selected it to be. If you have chosen 'save as draft' then this button will be replaced with 'Save Draft'. To find this post again at a later date, you will find it on your 'Drafts' page.

'Preview' - This will open up in a new tab/window and will show you exactly what your post will look like on your blog. This is great for checking layouts and particularly if you have used any HTML. I would strongly advise using this option.

'Cancel' - This will delete the post you have been working on and not publish or save it.

6. Now you have previewed your post and you are happy with it and you have clicked 'Create Post' you will be taken back to your dashboard where you can view your post and create more.


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