A Step-by-Step Guide to Winterizing your Swimming Pool

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A guide to keeping your swimming pool maintained over the Winter months


With winter setting in, you should aim to maintain your swimming pool through the process of Winterizing. This will protect your pool from damage due to freezing water, and make it considerably easier and safer to re-open when spring comes around again.

What You'll Need - A Checklist

• Pool Test Kit
• Shock Treatment Kit
• Pool Cleaning Equipment
• Pool Cover

Step 1: Balance the Water

You’ll first need to check the chemical composition of the water, as you’ll want to bring your pH (7.6 – 7.8) alkalinity (80 – 100) and calcium hardness (150 – 250) levels into balance. You’ll also want to shock the pool water with excess chlorine treatment, which will kill off bacteria and any living organisms in your pool. Fill a bucket with pool water, and then add the recommended amount of shock solution to the bucket, allowing the solution to properly dissolve before putting the water back in the pool.

You must allow the Chlorine levels to return to a normal level before winterizing any further, and always add shock solution to the full bucket of water, and never vice versa. Ideally, complete this step 3 – 4 days before you intend to close your pool.

Step 2: Clean the Pool

At this point, you’ll need to remove any excess items still in the pool such as ladders, baskets, filters, heaters and anything else that’ll get in the way. Once everything has been cleared out, use a pool net cleaner to remove any matter that has settled on the surface.

At this point, you may choose to further treat the water before lowering it. If so, I recommend seeking consultation from professional swimming pool maintenance to ensure the best results for next season.

Before draining the pool, use your pool cleaning equipment to clean and vacuum the floor and walls one final time. For effective results, make sure you collect all excess debris that has settled at the bottom, and scrub any dirt that has accumulated on the walls.

Step 3: Drain Your Pool

After a thorough final clean, lower the water level in your pool using a filter pump or submersible pump (depending on your model). The water should be lowered to at least below the skimmer, but not completely empty. Lowering below the skimmer will allow excess water to drain out and prevent freeze damage.

Once the water level is properly lowered, you’ll need to drain all of your pool equipment, including all pumps, filters, heaters, and chlorinating equipment. Any water left inside will cause damage, so make sure you drain the water and remove the excess moisture using a vacuum.

Store all your equipment in a dry place over the winter to prevent freezing. Also remember to empty your chemical feeder and dry out the plumbing lines running water to your pool.

Step 4: Cover Your Pool

Once your pool is completely winterized, you’ll need to cover it up. To prevent excess moisture and debris from entering the pool, find a pool cover that fits perfectly without gaps, edges, or cracks. You may want to consider trimming any trees with branches above your pool, or investing in a leaf net for extra protection.

You also may want to invest in air pillows that will support the structure of your cover and prevent excess water accumulating on top, which poses a risk of entering your pool and damaging it. When it comes to removing the cover, be very careful not to mix any moisture from the cover into your pool water.

Get into the habit of checking your pool and equipment regularly over the winter. Make sure your cover is still secure and check for any accidental damage.

You're Good To Go

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